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The Bermuda Triangle

What could have caused all these strange things? What is it? What are some possible causes to these strange things? This is the prezi to use to get the info you need on the Bermuda Triangle!

Jonathan C

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle
by Jonathan Chen Famous Disappearances within the Bermuda Triangle! Flight 19- On December 5th, 1945 five airplanes( specifically Five Avenger torpedo bombers) known as Flight 19 took off from Fort Lauderdale and they were going to travel through the Bermuda Triangle. One and a half hours later after the planes took off, Lieutenant Charles Taylor reported his compasses had stopped working when traveling around the islands by Florida. Finally at around 4:00, a radio message said that Flight 19 was lost. No parts of the airplanes were found and nobody ever heard of the people on board the planes. Rescue planes called Mariners went to find Flight 19 but were unsuccessful and one of the Mariners also vanished like Flight 19. This is explained in the following video: Flight 19 MAP of the Bermuda Triangle! SS Marine Sulphur Queen The SS Marine Sulphur Queen was a ship carrying molten sulphur which disappeared along the southern coast of Florida in 1963. No part of the ship was ever found and the crew of 39 members vanished. Though this boat vanished completely, scientists said that this type of boat typically wasn't very sturdy. This means that when this ship was weakened by corrosion, the ship's keel would split. NC16002 The NC16002 was a plane that vanished on the night of December 28th, 1948. The NC16002 plane was traveling from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Miami, Florida. The weather was nice at the time and the plane was only 50 miles away from Miami but then they vanished and the three crew members and 29 passengers vanished forever, just like the plane and they were never found. Lastly, it is known that the plane's batteries weren't fully charged and there was a message sent from Miami to the NC16002 plane that said the direction of the wind had changed and the pilot may not have heard this causing him to fly maybe 50 miles off course. Theories that possibly could be the cause of these strange disappearances! CAT and the Gulf Stream Methane Gas Human Error CAT (Clear Air Turbulence) and the Gulf Stream! This is the theory I agree with and I think this theory is the most logical. According to Wikipedia, Clear Air Turbulence(also known as CAT) is "the turbulent movement of air masses in the absence of any visual cues such as clouds, and is caused when bodies of air moving widely at different speeds meet." This theory makes sense because CAT frequently can be encountered with areas with fast moving streams like the Gulf Stream. Many of the other factors that cause CAT are also satisfied in the Bermuda Triangle. Together the Clear Air Turbulence and the Gulf Stream could easily wipe out ships and planes! P.S. The map shows the Gulf Stream. Comets! Some scientists say that it is possible that a comet could have caused the strange things that happen in the Bermuda Triangle. Comets Some scientists say that a comet could be the cause of all the weird things that happen in the Bermuda Triangle. These scientists say that about 11,000 years ago, a comet may have crashed to Planet Earth and landed deep in the Bermuda Triangle. These scientists also say that this comet might have electromagnetic properties that could disrupt many navigational tools like compasses or an airplane engine. Though no comet has been found yet, the ocean is thousands of feet deep so we may never find this comet. But it is possible that this may exist and may be why the Bermuda Triangle is so weird... map of the gulf stream The End! In 1918, the 542 foot long USS Cyclops ship vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. The ship took off in 1910 and it took off from Bahia. Salvador and was headed for Baltimore, Maryland to deliver coal. The USS Cyclops made a stop on the island of Barbados on March 3rd to March 4th to get more supplies but after this stop, the USS Cyclops vanished and no part of the ship nor the 306 passengers was found. This has been the largest life loss not involving arguments or disputes in U.S Naval History not involving arguments or disputes. USS Cyclops Some questions you may have asked in your lives are "What's the Bermuda Triangle or "What's the big deal with the Bermuda Triangle?" In this prezi I'll explain all that but here's a brief description. The Bermuda Triangle is an area where ships, planes and other vehicles have strangely vanished. The Bermuda Triangle or Devil's triangle is located between Miami, Florida and Bermuda Island and lastly Puerto Rico. This is shown on the map when you zoom out. Background Methane Gas Bibliography http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi http://science.discovery.com/top-ten/2009/bermuda-triangle-theories/bermuda-triangle-theories-08.html http://science.discovery.com/top-ten/2009/bermuda-triangle-theories/bermuda-triangle-theories-01.html http://www.unmuseum.mus.pa.us/triangle.htm http://www.bermuda-triangle.org http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq8-1.htm
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