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Rope Making

No description

Nathan Ung

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Rope Making

Rope Making Imagine . . When your plane abruptly starts to do a nose dive, plunging into the sea ABORT ABORT! sos you are on an airplane flying over the Pacific
Ocean You black out incapable of moving unaware of what may happen But wait... you find yourself on a sandy island
most likely deserted ? ? ? ? ? ? You need to create a shelter, but you don't have THICK rope to bind the sticks together All you need is a pen (stick) A ball of string (vines or plant stems) A pair of scissors Step 1 Cut your string into about two or three pieces slightly a bit longer than double the desired length of your rope. Step 3 Fasten all the pieces of string onto your dowel by making a temporary knot so that it is not too tight but not too loose. This allows you to easily undo it once you have completed the next two steps Step 4 Step 2 Tie off each end of the string with an overhand knot Step 5 Twist the other end of the string and continue this until you feel the rope is tight and begins to knot up by itself. Place your finger in the middle of the rope and slowly let it fold in half by itself. Tie the ends of the rope with a secure knot to prevent it from disentangling itself. Step 6 If you wish to make the rope thicker faster, use more pieces of string and/or get people to help you Precautions Don't let the rope knot up while you're twisting it QUESTIONS? Future Uses Although, it would not be likely that you will be finding yourself stranded on a deserted island you will eventually discover many ways rope can be used. What did your adult teacher do to teach this new skill? My adult teacher instructed me on how to do it step by step and I would observe and follow her instructions. Nathan Ung 56SU 3D Rendering braided polymer rope magnified Tips magnified rope fibre X630 dock mooring bitt old method of rope making 2 micrometres Please collect your Laser Pointer USB and place it in your case. IMMEDIATELY and TURNOFF as well. (If you want to make the rope thicker,
create another temporary knot on your dowel and repeat steps three to five.
Repeat until you get the thickness you want, then carry on to step six) 3,5m Skipping Rope Harness Tying up objects Lean on shelter Climbing Rope
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