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Stem carrers

No description

Jaden Reed

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Stem carrers

The original invention
The original invention for robotic engineering was a mechanical worker that presented a king with a life size human shaped figure.(which was mostly wooden at the time.)
Why is the discipline of engineering so important?
It is so important because it will move the world forward. It will take people out of harms way, and help make the cars of the world, and help people with the sensors that it has.
The timeline of robotics
Around 1495, before he began work on the Last Supper, Leonardo Di Vinci designed the first humanoid robot.
The word ROBOT is used for the first time in the context of mechanical people. These are intelligent machines meant to serve their human makers.
Fritz Lang's movie "Metropolis" is released. "Maria" the female robot in the film is the first robot to be projected on the silver screen. Maria is considered the precursor to Star War's C-3PO.
Continuation of timeline
Issac Asimov is generally credited with the popularization of the term "Robotics" which was first mentioned in his story "Runaround" in 1942. His most important contribution to the history of the robot is the creation of his “Laws of Robotics”.

British robotics pioneer William Grey Walter creates autonomous machines called Elmer and Elsie that mimic life-like behaviour with very simple circuitry. These are the first “turtle” robots.
LEGO and the MIT Media Lab collaborate to bring the first LEGO-based educational products to market.
Honda begins a robot research program that's starts with the premise that the robot "should coexist and cooperate with human beings, by doing what a person cannot do and by cultivating a new dimension in mobility to ultimately benefit society".

Honda's ASIMO was the first robot that could walk independently with relatively smooth movements and could climb the stairs.
What changed in the product?
The product has changed in various ways. It has been changed in the size, the shape, and the engineering.
It has been changed from the programing and the new type of chip that certain people use to power artillery robots.The design has changed because it used to be just this one human-like robot that was made out of wood. But the design was changed to make it better.
Global impact on society
Negative: It would impact the society by having to do everything for people and it would make people more lazy than they already are.
Positive:The good thing about it are that it can help elderly people with driving cars and helping blind people across the street.
Chart of engineering
Example:A factory robot

Science: Making the chip that makes it work.

Technology:Starting to move everything with a remote and or a computer.

Engineering: Making it look like an actual human/person and making the design. Review the design.

Math: You would have to use rotations and a certain degrees to make it function.
Why are most of the products innovated?
Most of the products are innovated because people don't have that momentum to drive them to great things like making a rocket and creating the first programmed robot.They are innovated because the program has already been used or it had already been made.
Robotics Engineering
By: Jaden and Jeron
Period 6

In conclusion robotics has changed the world in so many ways most people cannot count.Robotics might make the world worse or it might make it better.Who knows, but it WILL make a difference in the world either way.
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