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My Prezi

Zsuzsanna Kovacs

Zsuzsanna Kovacs

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of My Prezi

My name is Zsuzsa. I'm a UX Design Specialist at SAP. I've been living in Germany for 2 years. Before that I used to work at SAP Labs Hungary. SAP was my first employer after finishing my studies. I studied Computer Science at ELTE. During my uni years I was teaching informatics in high schools. 2000 2005 2010 2012 At SAP Hungary I started as a Java Developer (2,5 years). In 2008 I applied for a 3-months fellowship to central UX in Germany. After that I worked as a UID (2,5 years). And I founded the UI Community, where other developers could learn about UX. During the last 5 years I worked on several projects. Following several methodologies... Manufacturing E-Commerce Technology
Platform Human Capital
Management In several domains... I designed... Traditional
Applications SaaS/Web
applications iPhone &
iPad apps Scrum LEAN User Centered Design Design Thinking I did... Field Research UI Design /
Wireframing Prototyping End-user
Validation Concept
Discussions I think good design is... simple beautiful learnable fun familiar emotional My skills and experiences Wireframing / Prototyping Field Research Usability Testing Accessibility Gamification Social Networks Interaction Design Paper Prototyping Personas Storyboarding Experience in years Language skills Hungarian English Slovak German (mother tongue) fluent basic fluent I have a passion for... art cooking reading movies &
series cultures traveling Best if I can share it with my friends. the end Zsuzsanna Kovács UX Design Specialist zsukovacs@gmail.com +49 151 5385 9062 +36 20 204 1981 Development and Admin
tools Websites, Newsletters
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