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A Brief History of Magazines

No description

Brittany Randolph

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of A Brief History of Magazines

By Brittany Randolph A Closer Look at Magazines European Origins Europe periodicals that look like
newspapers and had mostly political
ideas. Magazine derives from the
French term magasin, meaning
"storehouse." Some examples of magazines
from this time period are:
Spectator Magazines served politicians, the educated and the merchant class
Gave a voice to people who decided to break away from England and created the new, independent nation.
Some examples of major magazine titles:
~A Monthly View of the Political State of the British Colonies
~General Magazine and Historical Chronicle
~American Magazine 18th Century: Voices of the Revolution First General Interest Magazine: The Saturday Evening Post
General Interest Magazine- interest magazine that offered occasional investigative articles.
Sarah Hale creates first women's magazine called the Women's Magazine
Magazines began to have drawings, engravings, woodcuts and photographic articles 19th and 20th Centuries Graham's Magazine National Magazines of the 20th Century Knickerbocker The Nation Youth's Companion The Postal Act of 1879 assigned magazines lower postage rates, which leads
to a rise in circulation. Thousands of Americans then
begin to move to move from
the country to the city. This movement causes people
to begin to write about the social changes happening around them, these writers are known as muckrakers. Definition: they're people who criticize
longstanding institutions. Muckrakers People begin to make specialized and general-interest magazines. Specialization: giving something specifics to appeal to a certain group. General-Interest Magazines: offer occasional investigative articles. Definition: the use of photographs
to argument editorial content. Photojournalism 4 Magazines Giants: The TV Age The uproar of internet use causes
the production of magazines over
the internet. Webzines Many Magazines now have
blogs, video and audio podcasts,
and social networking features. Magazines now our talking
about soap operas, sports,
quilting, gaming and music.
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