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Using Social Media Effectively

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Jason Boucher

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Using Social Media Effectively

Using Social Media Effectively
What platforms are adults using?
Top Social Networks
Social media is all about listening and engaging your audience.
What platforms are teens using?
by jason boucher
Recent survey of
teens social preference by Piper Jeffrey, October 2014

They prefer visual, quick communication.

The # symbol is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. It's a keyword.

Top Hashtags at UNH:


Fast forward to April 2013...

Did UNH social media persuade Will to attend? By getting involved and listening / engaging with prospective students shows that we care and that UNH is paying attention.

A simple campus photo contest on Twitter can have amazing results. Colleen tweeted this on her own, which we then re-tweeted. It's a great example of engagement and a fun way to promote the university.
Whether it’s an alum tweeting from Denver, CO or the White House tweeting a photo of the President eating ice cream on campus... When we’re mentioned on Twitter, we review it and if appropriate re-tweet with comment. It shows engagement and that we’re listening.

Ask Questions.
And answer them.
We reached over 91k with this post, which featured students saying something nice. Over 2,200 likes, comments, & shares – A very positive post for UNH. Facebook provides free insights on each post, so you can measure how your doing.
Over 1100 likes on this photo! Photos of buildings, scenery, and places do well. Photos of people/students are not as hot. Surveys of students have determined they like scenery, because it relates to everyone… not just the friends of people in the photo.
Searching for photos with hashtags #New2UNH and #UNH19 shows us shared admitted student photos. We then comment back, welcoming new students to the class of 2019, growing our followers and extending our reach across social networks.
University Page: http://bit.ly/unh_wildcats
Company Page: http://bit.ly/unhlinkdco
Alumni Group: http://bit.ly/unhlinkd

We have over 69k followers on our University page. LinkedIn is a place for alumni, students, & prospective students to come and learn more about UNH.

We use these pages to promote campus news and stories from students and alumni.
Blogging acts as an inbound marketing channel and as an SEO agent…

Search Engine Optimization!
UNHTales is a student & alumni blog. There are 15 student bloggers, hoping for more next year! Our bloggers are volunteer and come from all colleges. We just added Alumni Tales, where alumni submit a photo and answer questions, then it's published. Students and alumni can network more.
Our social media index is a complete directory of all social media accounts campus-wide. It's not only a directory, but a great place to find out how to use social media, including guidelines and FAQs.
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