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Representation of Social Groups

No description

James Meade

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Representation of Social Groups

Representation of Social Groups in my Product The main social group I tired to represent in my product was Students. After researching similar products i noticed that the main characters were students and the narratives often based on student life and the problems they face. Here are some examples of students and students in some films of similar genre. I tried to incorperate this social group into my product. Here are the two characters that appear in my final product Dan Walls
I chose this actor because i thought he fit the description of a tear away student. He has a large amount of tattoos also which I thought helped to emphasize his rebel outlook on life. His bedroom and his style was also exactly what I was lookinf for to represent students and the life they lead. I think Dan was a very good choice to play my main character, he acted well and i believe he provided an excellent representation of a student. He achieved everything i was hoping too. Chris Walls
Although the appearance is very brief, if i had been making the full film he would have a more significant role. I chose to use him as like my other actor he fit the role of a student. His dress sense was key to making the representation work. Overall I think i provided a good representation of a typical student. I think it stayed true to my genre and worked very well.
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