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Math, Who needs it? Psychiatrist

School Project

Brianna Neal

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Math, Who needs it? Psychiatrist

Math, Who Needs It?
Psyciatrist By Brianna Neal and Ashley Crain What Math Courses Are Required For This Feild Of Work? To Become A Psychiatrist You Will Need To Excel in Both High School and College Calculus What Other Courses Are Required? There Are Also Many Science Courses That Are Required For Pre-Med and Medical School. This Includes:
Organic Chemisrty
Physics Before You Can Go to Med-School you Need to Take Psycology and Behavoral Science Classes. You Will Have to Take English and Sociology In Pre-Med School You Will Take Classes Student-Doctors Take. After That, There is A Requirement of A 1-2 Year Internship and, In Some States, An Additional 1-2 Years of Supervised Practice Before You Can Get Your Liscence. There Isn't Really A "Typical Day" For A Psychiatrist. The Most Interaction With Non-Patient/Patient's Family At Work is With Their Secretary or Receptionist. Math is Usually Used for Prescribing Medications for Mental Illnesses and Calculating Patient Information. Math Isn't The Most Important Part of The Career, but With Out it You Probably Wouldn't Get Many Patients, Considering the Fact That You Wouldn't be Very Good at Prescribing Drugs. A Psychiatrist Earns Somewhere Between $65,590 And $180,000+ A Year and Between $31.53 and $80.00+ An Hour How Much Money Do They Earn? What Is The Typical Day for Someone in This Line of Work? A Psychiatrist Will Check Prescriptions, Make Minor Adjustments, Speak To Each Patient For About 15 Minutes, and Possibly Take on New Patients. How Is Math Used Everyday? Then You'll Go On To Medical School For A Ph.D.
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