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Copy of inferencing

No description

Eve Christylle Rizarri

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of inferencing

Here are some Synonyms:
Putting the Clues Together
Visual Clues
What clues do you see?
What do we know about the product?
What do we know about the company?
What do we know about the person who drank the drink?

figure out
read between the lines
drawing conclusions


Finding clues
Putting them together
Solving the problem
Like a jigsaw puzzle
Word Clues
It’s clear
It’s round
It’s made of glass, metal and plastic
It has a handle
It makes things look bigger
What is it?

Daily Inferencing
Jigsaw puzzles
Answering Riddles
Problem Solving (backtracking)
Answering questions
Math word problems
Conversing with people

When we infer meaning we put together clues like a jigsaw puzzle.
For example: Look at our clues!
The Captain

down the
rough muddy

in his
What clues are presented ?
What can we infer about The Captain?

Body Language Clues
Let’s Practice Some More!
What word clues can you find to help you solve this puzzle?
Listen to the word clues to see if you can guess who the mystery person is.
Let’s Practice
Let’s Solve a Mystery
Let’s Recap...
Inferencing means:
Finding clues
Putting them together
Solving the problem
It is just like a jigsaw puzzle.

What is Inferencing?
What Should We Look For?

Finding Clues
What do we know about this picture?
What clues do you see?
What can we infer from the clues?

Situational Clues
Location Clues
Hunting for Clues to Solve a Puzzle

Are they having the same conversation? How do you know?

What clues do you notice?
Who are the people in the commercial and what do they represent?
What emotions are you seeing from the people in the commercial?
What can we infer from this commercial?

What do we know about the event in the photo?
What is the mood of the event?
What other activities may be occurring at the same time or later?

You be the Detective

You will be receiving 5 sets of clues in just a few minutes. Follow the clues to see if you can infer the answers. You will find the clues on your computers in the jigsaw puzzle program.

On your computers go to the following web site:

Read the story and let’s discuss the clues you found before you solve the mystery
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