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Carlo's Bakery-Cake Boss

No description

Jenna Eckman

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Carlo's Bakery-Cake Boss

Slogan and Popular Advertisements Theme Song Latest Business Success For people that........ Products they Sell Business Partners Carlo's Bakery Slogan
-Mia Famiglia is my crew Carlo's Bakery's latest news is by getting bigger. And they got bigger by getting the show Cake Boss, and selling to stores all around the country. Jenna and Jordan Founder of the bakery.
-Bartulo "Buddy" Valestro is the founder of Carlo's Bakery Some of the products are
-Chocolate covered Strawberries Latest news about the bakery is that they’re now shipping and selling cakes to stores all around country Latest News -Buddy Vaestro
-Mauro Castano
-Frankie Amato Jr.
-Danny Dragone
-Joey Faugno
-Grace Faugno
-Maddalena Castano
-Anthony Bellifemine
-Mary Soarrane
-Mary Castano -Having anniversery
-Company Parties
-And for the heck of it The newest theme song and opening of Carlo’s Bakery on the show Cake Boss is them all dancing to the song Sugar Sugar by The Archies. Resources http://modern-baking.com/news/groundbreakers-carlos-bakery-expands-adds-shipping http://www.carlosbakery.com/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1444382/ http://store.discovery.com/tlc-mia-famiglia-is-my-crew-t-shirt-red/detail.php?p=285038
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