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UIB Customer Journey

No description

David Algie

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of UIB Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Affinity/Union Relationship Established
Establish Affinity Relationship
Meet to establish a reciprocal agreement
Discuss customer offers and data use
Create information packs discuss approach
Direct Marketing Commences
Send out Free Insurance registrations

Information packs delivered to key activists
Responses Data Entered
Mail responses entered and then partitioned into data files ready for the sales team
Outbound Calling Commences
Data is segmented by a number of different parameters and our Sales team dial out to upsell paid insurances on the back of the free policy
Customer enters "contact cycle"
Additional Lead Sources
Competition Leads
"Fresh" Leads
We call these "Fresh Leads" or and they are our traditional Source
Rewards Leads
Conference Leads
Shopping Vouchers
Wimbledon Tickets
Fuel Tank Filled
Grocery Shopping
Sports Tickets
Lapsed Leads
Free Offers
Paid Offers
Cross Sale Leads
Evaluation & Maintenance of relationships
Primary Lead Source
Email Marketing
Free Cover Renewals
New Leads
Established Leads
12 Months
UIB reviews communications and ensures the approach in reality matches what we wish to achieve
Customer Communications and Union Relationships
Keep the Affinity relationship strong through continuous communications and conference/event attendance.
By doing this we maintain relevance to the customer and affinity partner for the duration of our relationship rather than just at sales touchpoints
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