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Cold Urticaria

Leah Fassnacht Block four

Leah Fassnacht

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Cold Urticaria

Description Symptoms Diagnosis Interesting Facts Bibliography for notes Treatment Bibliography For Pictures .- Cold Urticaria is when someone has allergies to
- The causes is not completely understood.
- Sensitive skin cells
- Faulty immune system
- Exposed to cold temperatures.
- Histamine
- Overly sensitive cells, viruses or illness or by inheriting the trait.
- Any parts of the body
- Any age group can get whether male or female. ~ few minutes to occur.
~ Hives.
~ The red rash will become extremely itchy.
~ Life-threatening.
~ will get worse.
~The itching becomes painful.
~ developed at a young age.
~ Headaches, diarrhea & Chills
-fast heart beat
-swelling of the limbs
-drop in blood pressure.
-Light headed
-Hard time breathing
-Throat is swelling.
-Skin being exposed
. > Ice cude technique
> Tests *Avoid cold temperatures
* Penicillin
* Sympathomimetic & aminophhyllin
* Anti-histamines
*Cyproheptadine, doxepin and ketotifen.
* Hospitalized and treated.
* Applying cold water History: Investigators at the national institutes of health identify a genetic method. The study was lead by Joshua Milner.

* 185 most rare conditions.
* Affects hundreds of thousand of americans total.
* You can't eat or drink any thing cold.
* You have to swim in warm pools.
* Miss half the school year.
* Frost bit.
* Dangerous & Uncomfortable. References
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