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Structuring Your BU1105 Short Essay

No description

Nimrod Delante

on 10 August 2016

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Transcript of Structuring Your BU1105 Short Essay

Structuring Your BU1105 Short Essay
Mr. Nimrod L. Delante
Learning Advisor, JCU Singapore

Essay Topic
Discuss the roles that self-concept and self-disclosure can play in building positive interpersonal working relationships with others.
Think well to write well.
Essay Structure
Rhetorical Approach in Writing Your Body Paragraphs
Sample Introduction
Sample Body Paragraph
People with consistent self-view and with clear knowledge about themselves are more assertive of their ideas and less affected by other people’s perspectives on them. This is enhanced by their self-esteem, an evaluative component of self-concept that allows them to judge situations objectively. People with positive self-concept and self-esteem feel more fulfilled with what they do personally, socially, or academically, thereby contributing to society. Ling, Luo and Zhang (2013) declare that the more positive that people feel about themselves, the more that they would become self-supporting, autonomous, and empathetic. Ling, Luo and Zhang (2013) therefore assert that self-concept significantly determines motivation, which leads to a better understanding of own skills, strengths and weaknesses. For people who have low self-concept, the Johari window can be an approach to identifying those blind spots and unknown areas about themselves. As they learn more about themselves, they will tend to self-disclose and gain feedback from others. When this is done, better and more proactive working relationships exist.
Second Body Paragraph:
Writing about self-disclosure

What to do:
State a key idea about self-disclosure
Explain by citing a source or giving evidence
Link/refer to theory if necessary
500 words = 10% of grade
At least 2 journal articles or readings related to the topic
Times New Roman, font 12, double-spaced or 1.5 spacing

How Are You Marked?
Point-by-point style
- centering on the impact of self-concept and self-disclosure on relationships on a point-by-point approach

Block style
- 1 paragraph devoted to self-concept, another devoted to self-disclosure
People’s self-concept is an overall perception and understanding of themselves. A positive self-concept involves a clear identification and positive definition of one’s self, along with demonstrating effective behaviour in social situations (Ware & Harrison-Hill, 2014). Self-disclosure, on the other hand, is the way in which individuals reveal their feelings or reactions to a current situation. Self-disclosure brings a sense of openness that emanates from acceptance and appreciation of self (Ware & Harrison-Hill, 2014). This essay will discuss the ways in which positive self-concept and effective self-disclosure contribute to building productive interpersonal relationships with other people.
Terms defined
and context established
Thesis/intention stated
block style,
topic is explained and
elaborated using outside
informs readers about
what's next
Restate the main points covered in your essay.
Take the readers beyond the ideas in your essay by:
offering a thoughtful or ‘insightful’ comment
asking a question to make the readers think
giving your ‘informed’ opinion about the topic
showing how the topic has affected you

Writing Your Concluding Paragraph
More Reminders
Use the
active voice
for directness and to achieve crisp, succinct sentences.


It is because 45% of those working in a Toyota branch in Thailand deviate from company communication policies leading to leaks of confidential information, they were called upon by the CEO to a meeting to discuss how to improve communication and disclosure strategies.

The CEO of Toyota Thailand convened his employees due to a reported 45% of information leaks caused by unethical communication and disclosure.
Use the
present tense
in writing your essay. Shift to simple past tense when you are particularly describing results of past studies.

You can use ‘I/me’
(first personal pronouns)
for this essay if you are referring to your own opinions and experiences. Shift to
third personal pronouns
(they/them, he/him/she/her) if you are referring to other individuals, groups or organisations. Do NOT use ‘you/your’ in writing.

Unnecessary words or fillers add to word count but
serve you nothing
. Eliminate them!

Which one is better?
(1) The most essential, useful, relevant and meaningful strategies that have been seriously chosen in order for Cambodian farmers to enhance their self-esteem are...
(2) Two most useful strategies for Cambodian farmers to enhance their self-esteem are…
What happens when singular nouns pile up (e.g., restaurant employee, car mechanic)? You will have a mountain of ‘he/she’ or ‘him/her’ binaries. Consider
plural nouns

for neutrality and ease.

car mechanics
of Volkswagen in Eastern Germany are…
argued that creating a team to handle group dynamics will...

Do not rely on your favourite verbs such as ‘mentions’, ‘states’. Use other specific and
stronger verbs
such as:
posits, declares, suggests, describes, postulates, judges, questions, convinces, challenges, argues, advances, verifies, etc.
Verbs are action. Adjectives are weak descriptions.
Avoid informal language, sarcasm and condescending tones.
Which one is better?
(1) The results gathered by my group mates were a total rubbish brought by their stupid incapacity which delayed our project submission.
(2) Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were late in submitting our project but we managed to improve it through openness and self-disclosure.

use Wikipedia as an academic resource. Use JCU’s OneSearch or Google Scholar instead. Do NOT recycle a paper nor reproduce a previous essay by a friend.

summarising and paraphrasing
to come up with more authentic and original sentences. Rely on your own interpretation. Always cite the source/author that influenced your thinking as you write your essay.
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