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Metal Crystal Structure

No description

Wilson Bun

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Metal Crystal Structure

What are metal crystals? Metal Crystal Structure Metal crystal structure is determined by metalic bonding - force, holding together the atoms of a metal. Metal Crystal structure is the arrangement
of atoms or molecules in a metal element. It is made up of atoms or molecules which
are usually arranged in a pattern. Primitive Cubic Body Centered Cubic Face Centered Cubic Face centered cubic structure: this unit cell contains 4 atoms one at the corner and three along the bottom and two side faces. Body centered cubic structure: this unit cell contains two atoms, one at the corner of a cube, and the other at the center. Simple cubic structure: this unit cell contains a single atom at the corner of a cube. All metals and alloys are crystalline solids, though there are some metals which have been formed in the lab without a crystalline structure. Most metals are formed in a crystalline structure.
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