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BTT2011_Motorola Xoom

Motorola xoom presentation

Derek Grozinger

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of BTT2011_Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom Motorola has realesed a tablet to compete with the ipad and all of the other newTabkets. It has an 10.1" high-definition touchscreen, larger then the average tablet although still very small. The Xoom runs on Andriod 3.0 (Honeycomb) and has a 1GHz processor to run very fast. It offers all the consumer features that are popular on tablets. The Xoom is attractive looking and appeals to the buyer because it is sleek and black aluminum finish. The Xoom has good quality cameras
featuring a rear 5Mp camera and a
front-facing 2Mpcamera so you can
do webcam The Motorola Xoom is also very fun. It has up to 32GB of Memory
to store all sorts of games, apps, music, and video. It can also stream
video and radio from the internet. The Xoom has video editing software
built on it so that you can capture videos and then make an edited
movie all just on your xoom. It also has a very good battery life so that you
can do it what you want for longer......

Battery Type :24.5 W-hr
BROWSING OVER WIFI: up to approx. 10 hrs.
MP3 PLAYBACK: up to approx. 3.3 days
STANDBY TIME: up to approx. 14 days
VIDEO PLAYBACK TIME: up to 10 hrs.
The Xoom runs adobe flash unlike many other tablets so that you can just play game son regular sites rather then having to download specific apps, you can also use this to watch videos on sites and run sites better is they use adobe to show images The Motorola Xoom is a fairly reasonably priced
tablet considering It has standard 32GB memory and many other features and costs a total of $599. The other tablets with 32GB memory are comparable at $620 or around the same price. The Xooms is very Thin (thinner than the ipad)
and lightweight (681grams) although stil offers a
larger screen and all the same features The Xoom has Wi-Fi so you can constantly browse the internet,
email, watch videos. It has multitasking so you can have several apps
open at once and it wont end what your doing on the other.
If you playing a game you can pause it and go to the internet and then go back and it will be right where you left off Overall The Motarola Xoom is a very good Tablet computer if you are intrested in buying one. It is good priced, has all the features you want, good apps, the right size. References:

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