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The Industrial Revolution

No description

Lisa Healow

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution
Began with British cloth-making, or textile, industry
Before, textiles were a cottage industry
a craft occupation performed in the home
3 factors led Britain to industrialize:
1) land/natural resources
3 factors led Britain to industrialize:
1) land/natural resources
2) labor/workforce
3) capital/money
John Kay - Flying Shuttle
Doubled the speed at which a weaver could weave fabric
Richard Arkwright - Water Frame
Efficiently turned raw cotton into spun yarn
Edmund Cartwright - Power Loom
Larger, faster weaving system
Eli Whitney - Cotton Gin
Efficiently removed seeds from cotton blossoms
Factories - buildings constructed specifically for industrial machinery
Massive increase in textile output:
1770 - 50,000 bolts of cloth
1800 - 400,000 bolts of cloth
Factory Work
Luddite Rebellions
Global Effects
increase in nation's ability to build ships and make weapons
increased military strength in industrialized nations
increased wealth in industrialized nations
higher standard of living for all people in industrialized nations
a new middle class with increased leisure time
"Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt" Instructions
t-shirt must be cut out
t-shirt needs three (3) holes around neckline
yarn must be threaded through holes
front of shirt must be colored
logo must be drawn on front:
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