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michael jackson


emily martof

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of michael jackson

Michael Jackson Thriller Joseph a.k.a. Michael Joe Jackson Born: August 29,1958 Gary, Indiana U.S. died: June 25,2009 (age 50) Los Angeles,California U.S. Genres: R&B, pop, rock,soul, dance, new jack swing, funk, disco Occupations: singer-songwriter,record producer, composer, musician, dancer, choreographer, actor, buisinessman, philanthropist Instruments: vocals, piano,
drums, beatbox, guitar Years active: 1964-2009 Labels: Motown, Epic, Legacy Associated acts: The Jackson 5,
Janet Jackson, Slash Website: michaeljackson.com directed by: John Landis Produced by:
George Fosley jr. Written by: John Landis & Michael Jackson Starring: Michael Jackson, Ola Ray, & Vincent Price Michael Jackson's thriller is a 14 miniute music video work cited:
Wickipedia contributors."Michael Jackson's Thriller." Wickipedia,The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia,22 apr. 2011.web.5May.2011.

Wikipedia contributors."Thriller (album)." Wickipedia the Free Encyclopedia, 7May.2011.web.5May.2011.
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