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Zac Latzke

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of G&S

By: Zac Latzke Grooming and Showing Beef Cattle 1st step Finished 2nd step Last step Start Grooming Before you start Groom you need to wash the animal. Then when it is washed you can put the animal in the grooming Chute. Then you need the take the blower and dry the animal. When the animal is dry then you can start clipping the animal When you clip the animal, the middle part of the tail is clipped short so then their is about an 2/16 of an inch of hair. 3rd step 4th step When you clip the head you clip it so the hair is about 1/2 inch long.
When you clip the legs you want to keep hair about 3 inches long. You want the hair that long so then you can fluff the hair up. When the animal is done getting clipped you can spray some Sullivan's Styling Mousse Spray Foam White, that can go all over the animal.
When the animal has the Styling Mousse sprayed in its hair then you can blow it in.
Next you can you can go to the front and back legs and fluff the hair up with the hair wizard, and spray some prime time adhesive.
Then on the legs you would spray some ultra white touch-up, then some jet black, then black finisher. When you clip the body you want the hair to be about 1 1/2 inch long. Then you would go to the tail head and spike it up.
Then you would spray some tail adhesive or ez comb adhesive.
Then you would spray ultra white, black jet, and black finisher.
Then you would make it look even by taking the clippers to the long hairs. Before you go and show you would spay some final bloom or pink oil.
Then you would comb the hair up and forwards. 1st step 2nd step Last step Start Showing When you show you want to wear a dressy shirt and a belt, and boots.
You put the comb in your back pocket with the tooth pointed at you. The first thing you do is put a show halter on the cow.
Next thing is you take your show stick then you cow and go to the staging area. When you enter to show arena watch the judge and watch the animals in front of you.
When you are line up side by side you want the legs squared. You get the back legs squared by the show stick. Always turn in front of you animal. When you are head to tail the animal back left leg is forwards.
Then the judge will line you up from last to first or first to last. Supply's That is how you show and groom beef cattle.
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