Vanquish the
Beasts of Boredom

They lurk in slide decks full of bullet points. In hard-to-read charts. And in droning, one-way monologues. They conspire to make your presentations as boring and forgettable as possible. It’s time to fight back—with Prezi!

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Who are the beasts of boredom?
Abominable Snoreman
Tudang monotonus

This insidious fiend uses uninspired slide layouts and static globs of text to deep-freeze attention spans.

Beat boredom with:
Visual storytelling

Replace your old slide-based presentation format and watch the Snoreman run. Prezi lets you create dramatic visual experiences that grab and keep your audience’s attention. Pan between topics, zoom in on details, and pull back to show how it all relates. Let the visuals do the talking.

Bland Ness Monster
Ogod letitendicus

This slithery creep lurks behind text-heavy slides, rearing its ugly head to induce distraction and lack of interest.

Terminate tedium with:
Powerful analytics

Use Prezi’s real-time analytics to see what’s resonating with your audience and where your presentations fall flat. Create beautiful visual experiences with dedicated links that tell you who’s watching what and when, letting you fine-tune your content and perfectly time your follow-up.

Phantoma sodrabula

This wearisome spectre haunts your slide decks, casting boredom and confusion over audiences and coworkers.

Defeat dullness with:
Collaboration and feedback

Teamwork really does make the dream work, and with cloud-based collaboration, you can harness the creativity of coworkers to create your most engaging presentations ever. Prezi lets you build and edit together in real time, even when you’re continents apart. There’s only one version and it’s always up to date.

Tedium fatalica

This gelatinous brute slimes your message with self-indulgent prattle, making audience engagement impossible.

Banish blah with:
Conversational presenting

Talk with your audience, not at them. Only Prezi lets you arrange your topics on an open canvas and pan freely to the ones your audience considers most relevant. This keeps them engaged, involved, and invested in your presentation. So ditch those slides and banish The Blahb for good!

You know what to do.
Here’s how.

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