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No description

jiawen wang

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of G-Dragon

He was born in a not rich family, his live wih his father , mother and sister .
When he was young he like to touch some things about music.
When he was forth grade he fall in love with HIP-POP. Hip-hop has become a part of his body,
His motto: do your best, Too fast to live, Too young to die.
He is very fashion.He is a south Korean fashion trend guide, the darling of the fashion magazine cover.
He bought a holiday villa for his father.

G-Dragon(Kwon Ji Yong).He born in August 18, 1988. He is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, lyricist, producer, model, endorser and fashion icon.
G-Dragon officially debuted as the leader and one of two rappers for the Korean group Big Bang. G-Dragon has been involved with writing, composing, and producing many of Big Bang's hit tracks, including "Lies", "Blue", and "Fantastic baby".
Junior high school : Seoul national music art
High school : discuss government communications intelligence school
University : the kyung hee university modern music
5 years old (1993) Children participating variety show "BOBOBO", participating life in the first film, "Taebaek mountain."
6 years old (1994) combined ROORA debut in children, and in Jamsil concert on stage
8 and 12 years (1996-2000) as a trainee in SM company learning dance for 6 years.
13 and 18 years of age (2001-2006), He learn more basic skills,In 2001, the president decided to let GD official debut, and changed his name to G-Dragon。。
18 (2006) Official debut.

MTV EMA Best singer(2011)
As South Korea's largest male singer, he is always in the personal album shows the unique style of music, his every album always sell very well, and won many honors.
He always wear very fashionable very tasteful, just because he's fashionable dress also won many awards.

MTV EMA (Europe music awards) - Worldwide Act global style show singer (2011)
He wrote many songs. more than 1, 130,such as "Cafe""Tell me goodbye”“Bad boy".
In 2012 the first European K - pop Awards So - Loved allow - best male solo: G - Dragon.
MAMA awards for best male singer: 2012 G - Dragon
He took a lot of advertising.
And this dog is GAHO's girlfriend.
This is G-Dragon's dog.
His name is GaHo.
thank you for you listening!!
VIDEO:(Bigbang)-(Fantastic Baby) @MAMA 2012From you tube.(Published on Nov 30, 2012)
G-Dragon bought a tourists villa for his father。
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