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Focus on referrers FGC Presentation

No description

Kate Meakin

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of Focus on referrers FGC Presentation

Family Group Conferencing in Adults Services
the model
Family group conferences are Focused on strengths and geared for service users and families to take control
Outcomes (in terms of Statutory Processes)
Families, children and young people express wishes and feelings
Involving wider family in child protection planning.
Prevention of child protection plan
Child protection de-plan
Meeting children’s needs
Planning permanent care arrangements
Preventing children becoming looked after
Placement stability for looked after children
Children and young people returning home from care
Avoiding court proceedings
Avoiding contested court proceedings
Family Group Conferencing is a process for getting people together to make plans and decisions.
is important too
5 stages
Why does it work for service users families? What do we need when we make plans?
Fulfilling 5 Needs
Before the


Independent conference coordinator
6-8 weeks lead up
Neutral venue
1. Preparation
2. Information sharing
Key professional voices
At the
3. Private Family Time
Strength of contribution from the whole group
Bespoke planning
4. Agreeing the plan

Leaving the meeting with a shared understanding on the way forward.
After the
5. Review meeting

A target to make the plan more effective
Chance to review progress for all participants.
Key Process differences
Independent coordinator
Gathering the wider family/friend group
Enabling whole families access to professionals
Private Family Time
Built-in advocacy
Whole groups signing up to the Family Plan
“Close ended” process
Building Capacity
Good information about what's happening
Feeling in control and having supportive people present
Confidence that things are going to be done
Check back on how things are going?
Scale of Possibility


Relationships repaired

Capacity developed

Decisions made

Opportunity for service users and families to have their say
What families think of Camden social workers!
Process helpful
it helped set things moving forward could not have done it on our own
We found it useful to engage with the service
Happy that you gave us the opportunity to come and speak together
Good information sharing
Social Worker was helpful
Negative Feedback?
Timing and Social Worker attendance
Everything we needed to know was given to us
I felt well informed
The conference was very helpful and everything was very clear, relaxed and made perfect sense
The social worker was very informative prior to the meeting and helped meet everyone’s needs
The social worker was very helpful
They did a good job
Geared for control
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