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Mary Reiby an idol to many people!

this is a project for my class i am 9

Rana hassan

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Mary Reiby an idol to many people!

Mary Reibey
Intresting facts about
Mary Reiby
Mary Reiby had a little fun fact it was when she stole a horse but she disgised her self into a boy.
My opinion
Mary Reibey is a good person .I personally want to see her after reading how perfect she was.Even though she may have done a few bad things she is still an idol to most people including me. Also as you have been reading the birth and death part i just wanted people to know i hope she rests in peace.
Thomas Reibys last name actually had several diffrent spellings including reby and reiby .after his death ,the family adopted the spelling reibey.
family and early life
Mary Reiby is one of the most famous early convict women in the colony of new south wales .
why Mary Reiby is significant
Mary Reiby ran away from her employer and dressed up like a boy and she was arrested for stealing horses.
Major events in there life
Mary Reiby contibuted a lot in the process of building the nation.
Their contribution to australia.
Mary Reibey was born on the 12th of may 1777 and her death was on the 30th of may 1855.
The birth and death
Rest In Peace
Mary Reibey
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