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Elements of Art: Photography

No description

Morgan Jones

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of Elements of Art: Photography

What are '
The elements of Art Photography
There are seven basic elements of art. These elements are the visual components of line, texture, tone. shape, colour, form, and space.

Shape is a two dimensional area created by the other elements of art in the image. Shapes can be arranged to make focal points and to draw eyes to focal points.
Form is the element that is used to make two-dimensional pictures appear life-like and three-dimensional. Normally, this is achieved through the way the lighting is set up.
Without colour, an image would just be a series of black and white tones, it's what adds interest and contrast. Complementary colours work well in photos and make photos brighter. Intensity makes your eye focus on the correct places and tints and tone add shape.
Texture in photography refers to photos that you can look at and imagine how that object would feel. Different textures are used to make photos look more in depth and 3D.
Lines are a good aspect of art. leading lines in a picture can move the viewers eyes through the picture .-
Elements of Art: Photography
“beetle on the streets” captured by Raluca Mateescu
Black and white photography is completely dependent upon tone. More contrast means more tones. Color photography also have tone but also have an extra element of hues.
By © retales botijero

Space is very important in photography because it gives your images depth. In landscape photography is a great way to demonstrate how to use space to give your photographs more depth.
By: Trent Sizemore
By: Trent Sizemore
By Maddy, Morgan and Ehmutoo
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