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Untitled Prezi

Marketing - Eden

William Labelle

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Defining the Problem Eden Creations $12,000 in Sales Revenues Target Market S.W.O.T. Analysis Marketing Mix Product Bridal Retailers Semi-annual newsletter
6 retailers + 2 new retailers
Additional fixed cost: $80
Time efficient
Stimulates reordering
Increase sales By Group 7 Recommendations Expansion to non-bridal possible
Limiting sales: exclusivity
Time efficient
Retailers' margin
Additional fixed cost: $2,600
Additional variable cost: 2.9%
Costly 1st year Limited knowledge
Fierce competition
New collection
Time consuming
Expensive Additional fixed cost: $1740
Other promotional costs
Time efficient
Doesn't stimulates enough sales theweddingring.ca
Cost efficient
Time efficient
Good promotion
Stimulates sales
Same benefits as website with E-Commerce Additional fixed cost: $2,700
Good visibility
Time efficient: 3 days
Stimulates sales
Expensive Additional cost needed (promotion)
Time consuming
Cost efficient QUESTIONS ? - Sole employee - Not too time consuming Restrictions : Goal : Non-Bridal Retailers Informational Website Website & E-Commerce Canada's Bridal Show Private Shows UCC Booth - 6 days - Young Brides
1st Wedding
Looking for Low Prices
Looking for Simplicity
One-stop Shoppers Price Place Promotion Handmade Necklaces and Earrings
Contemporary designed
Pewter wire, synthetic pearls, colored stone and Swarovski crystals. Necklaces: $11.00 - $19.50
Earrings: $6.00
In-Store Prices: +50% 6 retail bridal stores in Southwestern Ontario Name on the jewelery box
Product catalogs
Personalized letters
Sales meeting + sales call Additional fixed cost: $3000
Not the right target market
Doesn't stimulate sales
Waste of time Analysis Summary Time consuming Cost Private parties
UCC booth
Non-bridal retailers
Canada's bridal show
Website + E-Commerce
Informational website UCC booth
Website + E-Commerce
Canada's bridal show
Informational website
Private parties
Non-bridal retailer
Newsletter 1. Newsletter 2. Website + E-Commerce Effectively stimulates sales
Reminds of Eden's presence
Cost and time efficient Costly for the 1st year
Possibility to expand to non-bridal
Control over the demand
30% of sales (assumption) Total Fixed Cost:
$200 (store display)
$400 (supplies)
$500 (miscellaneous costs)
$80 (newsletter)
$2600 (website)
$240 (web hosting)

Total: $4020 BEFORE AFTER B/E: 377 units / $3,264.06
CM: $3.85 --> 34.33% B/E: 1,157 units / $10,819.87
CM: $5.17 / 35.82%
$12,000: 1,243 units
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