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How A Cell Is Like Santa's Workshop

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Kianah Goolam

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of How A Cell Is Like Santa's Workshop

How A Cell Is Like Santa's Workshop
-Even though Christmas only happens once a year, Christmas spirit stays all year long. In Santa's workshop, Christmas spirit surrounds the whole factory, helping the elves and Santa function. This is just like cytoplasm because in a cell it helps the different parts function properly.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
-The endoplasmic reticulum in a cell is where proteins are made and distributed. Likewise, the conveyer belt in the workshop is where gifts are assembled and sent for packaging.
-Elves work hard to make all the presents before Christmas Eve so that they can be transported to the children around the world. The ribosomes in a cell prepare proteins for the body that will soon be collected.

-Elves make mistakes, and when they do, the clean-up crew comes in and cleans it up. They are there to pick up any defective or broken toys. Likewise, lysosomes break down and dispose of any waste around the cell.

Golgi Apparatus
-In a cell, the golgi apparatus acts as the delivery site for proteins. In Santa’s workshop, the reindeer help santa carry all of the gifts to the children around the world.
The Cell Membrane
-As the cell membrane regulates what can go in and out of the cell so does the security elf that protects the factory. He only lets working elves in, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus of course.
Security Elf
Christmas Spirit
Conveyer Belt
Clean up crew
Delivery center(Reindeer)
Christmas Cookies
-As mitochondria is to a cell, cookies are to Santa's workshop. The mitochondria supplies energy in the cell just like cookies supply energy for the elves so they can do their job and Santa can do his.
The Boxes that hold the presents and/or waste

-In an animal cell, the vacuoles store excess food, waste, and other substances. Similarly, in Santa’s workshop there are plenty of little boxes to store all the toys made for the children and other boxes to store waste or messed up toys.

-In the cell, the nucleus has the most important job, it has to manage the entire cell and make sure it is functioning properly and efficiently. In the North pole, Santa has the most crucial job. He oversees the production of the gifts and makes sure that everything will be ready by Christmas Eve and delivered by Christmas Day.

Mrs. Claus
The nucleolus has the job of making Ribosomes, which leads to the process of making proteins. Likewise, Mrs. Claus has the job of watching over santa’s elves who end up making the gifts.
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