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Adherence to Collective Norms

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Orzalo Jamaluddin

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Adherence to Collective Norms

Adherence to collective norms
Groups often have standards that need to be followed in order to be a part of the specific group. Collective norms relate to values, conduct or appearance and are typically voluntary. These norms are practiced by political parties, faith groups, sororities & fraternities, trade unions and professional groups as a way of binding their members together and forming a sense of membership and belonging.
By: Aishah Zekria & Orzalo Jamaluddin
Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler and the Nazis used philosophical ideas, which had already been heard of in German society, to gain power and justify their actions. A specific Nazi ideology was the claim that "pure" Germans formed a superior "Aryan race," because they descended from Indo-European peoples instead of Jewish or Semitic peoples. They believed and spread the idea that this race was meant to rule the world, and citizens of Germany were only of this race. This justified any actions used to eliminate the Jewish residing in Germany.
To be of the "master race" became a collective norm in Germany and most Germans, excluding the Jewish, followed this norm. They allowed the Nazi's to murder, rape, and burn Jewish people, ifor the sake of ridding Germany of impure people. In order to be a German, people must not have had Jewish or Semitic ancestors. Hitler became obsessed with the idea of a perfect German race. The ideal "Aryan" for Hitler was blond, blue eyed and tall.

In order to practice, or be a part of any religion, some values must be accepted and rules must be followed.
Uphold the 5 precepts:
2. Do not kill
3. Do not steal
5. Do not commit sexual misconduct
1. Do not lie
4. Do not consume intoxicants
The 4 Noble Truths Of Buddhism
1) The truth of suffering
-Suffering comes in 3 forms: Old age, sickness, and death
2) The truth of the origin of suffering
-Three roots for the origins of suffering: Greed and Desire, Ignorance or Delusion, Hatred and Destructive Urges
3) The truth of freedom from suffering
-Liberate one from attachment
4) The truth of the path to the eliminate suffering
- To follow the Eightfold Path

Anyone who wishes to practice Buddhism, must be willing to adhere to these rules which are the norm for Buddhists.
They must also adopt these values and beliefs as their own.
Conduct: Sorority's and Fraternity's
- A fraternity is group of men who share a common bond of brotherhood that takes place in Colleges and Universities. While in these groups, there is a great chance to become a leader as well as embody the ideals and values of the fraternity. There are many different types of fraternities such as social, professional, academic, Jewish, Christian and even some gay ones. Some example of fraternities are, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Phi and Delta Upsilon

-A sorority is a group of women who are closely bonded together over a feeling of sisterhood that also takes place in post secondary schools. Sororities were first introduced in the mid 1800 when women were isolated by the male dominated society that over whelmed the world. Sororities were a way for women to come together to find intellectual and social companionship. Examples of sororities are, Theta Nu Xi, Alpha Kappa Alpha and Gamma Phi Beta

Although Fraternities and Sorties are different, they both have strict requirements that their members need to follow in order to obtain and keep their membership. Frat members need to learn about every member, bond with pledges, learn about their founding fathers, learn how to step (specific dance), and perform it, learn hand shakes and much more. In sororities, girls need to go through a "rush" (initiation) where they wear high heels and their mothers pearls as well as sing and dance, wear white, bright t-shirts and more.
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