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What is JSA?

No description

Aronno Shafi

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of What is JSA?

What is JSA?
JSA is a non-partisan organization that works to:
Promote civic education
Promote political activism
Train the next generation of this nation’s leaders.
JSA is the LARGEST student-run organization in the country.
JSA’s main goal is to get high school students to….
What does JSA do for you?
Make you a well informed citizen
Improve your speaking skills
You get to meet people from all over the nation
We help you make an impact in the community
Gain insight from prominent and high-ranking speakers

Plus, people tend to look good in suits...
JSA Chapters
Weekly meetings
Debates/Thought Talks
Other fun activities
Community service
Civic activism projects
Youth Advisory Boards
Voter Registration Drives

JSA is broken up into States and Territories

Pacific Northwest
Southern California
Arizona Territory

Northern California
Ohio River Valley

We are in the Northeast State (NES)
Specifically, we are in the Empire Constitution Region (ECR)
Regional/State Level
Elected Officials
Overnight State conventions
Fall State
Winter Congress
Spring State
One-day Regional conferences
One-day Chapter Conferences
Fall State (Boston)
Thought Talks
Mock Trial
Winter Congress (DC)
Congressional Simulation
Declarations for Office
Spring State (Stamford)

Great Locations Too!
and at night, there's a dance...
What's your role?
Do your own thing!
Become an active community member!
Volunteer, fundraise, take part in activism initiatives
Become a leader!
Talk to new people, speak at debates, apply for cabinet, or even run for a position, be outgoing!

We want you
Northeast State Governor
Jenna Wong – jwong@jsa.org

Northeast State Lieutenant Governor
Abigail Mumme-Monheit – amonheit@northeast.jsa.org

Northeast Director of Expansion
Aronno Shafi - ashafi@northeast.jsa.org

Northeast Asst. Director of Expansion
Armana Islam - aislam@northeast.jsa.org
Feel Free to Ask Anyone from your Chapter Leadership Too!
Join Today!
Washington D.C
The Junior State of America
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