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life cycle of a mountain lion

No description

Fourth Grade

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of life cycle of a mountain lion

Where do they live?
stage 4 ;adult
The life cycle of a mountain lion BY:Misael .C
mountain lions like to prey on deer they also eat smaller animals such as coyotes ,and porcupines.
The mountain lion is found
in Florida swamps to
canadian forest. Mountain lions tend to live in warmer climates.
While mountain lions can live
in the wild from 8-12 years
a human can live roughly
around 80 years.
When the cubs are born they tend to weigh slightly
more than a pound. Their eyes and ear canals are closed.
Cubs are coverd with blackish brown spots,and their tails are dark-ringed.
This color pattern provides protective
Stage 3 a juvenile
The young lions change dramatically,especially their teeth and coat. Canines forst appear at age 20 to 30 days followed by molars 30 to 50 days.
As they grow stronger males will start separating from their mothers and hunt for days at a time. This is called dispersal.
Stage 5 hunting
stage 6 Their habitat
Humans tend to leave home after 18 yrs while mountain lions can do it after a couple of years of being born.
While a cub will weigh about
a poung when born, a human
baby will weigh 6 to 8 pounds.
people go to
the grocery store
mountain lions hunt animals
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