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Social Media Marketing

No description

Michael Steinwachs

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing

Real-World Push
Attract New Visitors and Members
Build The M/Body Tribe
Recognize Achievement
What do we want to achieve?
Knowledgeable & Dedicated Staff
Personal Fitness & Spa
Nutritional Assistance & Cafe
Targeted Efforts By Core Strengths
Nutrition & Apparel
QR Codes & Use Cases
What Can a QR Code Do?
Once scanned, a QR Code can trigger various types of events:
- go to a website
- dial a phone #
- send a text or e-mail
- view special offers
- download contact info (i.e VCARDS)
- view Google map locations
Utilize social media sites that best highlight M/Body nutritional offerings
QR Code Use Recommendations
Fitness & Spa
Staff & Social M/bassadors
M/Brand Experiences
Social Media Platform Strengths
Social Media Targeting by Strength
Social media presence alone wont drive likes, shares, comments, etc...
Give people real-world reasons to like, share and comment!
Presented by Team 6:
Mike Steinwachs
Sal Ceravolo
Chao Chen
Dave Cox
Analysis & Growth
Social media is a great way to
advertise, but how can we determine
if people are looking at it?
Demographics & Survey Results
Representing A Lifestyle Through Co-Branding
Sharing Your Brand Through Actions
Not Just A Brand: A Lifestyle
Co-Branding To Boost Online Presence
Off site yoga class with complimentary flight of beer

M/Body Sponsored Teams
M/Body's First Ever
Photo Of The Week Contest
Create unique experiences people will want to share with friends
Online Pull
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