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OLIVIA, NATALIE!:) and jacob:( B3

No description

Carolyn Meyer

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of OLIVIA, NATALIE!:) and jacob:( B3

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street I think fear causes more confusion because fear doesn't always make sense. It may seem real but sometimes it isn't. VOCABULARY transfixed
-verb, used as adj
-scared, as by violence or threats
-The bear intimidated me. Defiant
-refusing to do something
-Those who speak out against the opinions of an angry crowd are defiant and courageous. Idiosyncrosy
-All people have an idiosyncrosy that makes them a little different. Menace
-danger or threat
-They believed there was a menace to their safety. Converging
-verb, used as adj
-coming together
-the crowed converging on the porch frightened the goodmans. What causes confusion more often -fear or facts? Plot Summary

People on Maple Street heard a sound of a roar and saw a flash of light over their heads.

"Power" went out on Maple Street--house lights, radios, cars, phones,TVs, stove, lawn mowers. Pete Van Horn went to another street to check if they had their power. Tommy didn't want anyone to leave because of the monsters.
Weird things happened--Goodman's car started by itself, house lights flicked on and off. People started blaming each other for the weird things that happened. Charlie accidentally shot and killed Pete Van Horn. Everyone started blaming Charlie because suddenly the lights in his house turned on. Charlie starts accusing Tommy of being the monster, people start to believe him. Random things start to turn on and off, everyone starts to blame each other. Two figures start talking about how they planned to take out all the "power" on streets and confuse them into destroying themselves. Steve, sensible
Steve was the sensible person on Maple Street. He was the man that tried to make everyone listen to reason. Pete Van Horn; dead
He got shot and died. Charlie shot him because he thought he was a monster. Tommy; young.
People thought he was the monster.
He is the one who told the people that the monsters didn't want them to leave. What Do You Think Now? Now that you've read this teleplay, what do you think cause more confusion-- fear or facts? We still think that fear causes more confusion because it's not always true. "The Monsters Are Due on
Maple Street" by Rod Searling.
Elements of Literature. Holt,
Rinehart , and Winston.
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