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Business Education

Angela Wang

on 4 November 2016

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The Beginning
Our product is called the iPear! The iPear is a new type of tablet, different than the others, but still containing the same easy use! We came up with the idea while contemplating the flaws of all the other tablets out there. The iPear fixes ALL those flaws, while adding many more unique abilities! The iPear is sure to be a revolutionary step in tablet technology!
Now, you might be imagining a product similar to a Windows 8 Surface Tablet, or an iPad. Even though our product does have a similar style to those products, it has a VERY different look. An iPear is circular, and much thinner, it can even fold like a piece of paper with our new flexi-fold technology. These attributes make it a must-have in the modern day market.
The iPear has a thin layered screen that can be used as a touch screen that shuts off when it's screen protector is clipped on. This computer is protected by it's screen protector that not only protects the screen, but can also be used as a keyboard. That way the screen can be perfectly preserved when turned off, and completely crystal-clear when in use. Also, if you forget your keyboard/screen protector, your tablet can make you a holograph keyboard. This tablet is ultra thin and displays holographic features as shown here.
The Features
Because this product is new, we try to make the prices reasonable. We have three different sizes of storage: the 10GB, 17GB, and the 37GB. The 10GB is worth $499.99, the 17GB is worth $799.99, and the 37GB is worth $999.99. The prices listed above are the perfect prices because of it's quality, features and audience. In our iPear company we include quality and feature to the cost because the making of it is expensive. Most importantly we add the audience because if we have more buyers it increases our profit, but why not have more profit? Well, that's why the price might go up too.
The Cost
The Result
It may be similar to other computers, but that's the point of new creations. Being able to take what was there before and adding new ideas.
There are also special iPear promotional gifts! Every month at our new Pear store located in Richmond Centre we will be drawing names for a pair of the new earphones that came out with the new iPear tablet. Five runner-ups will receive a new USB signed by the owner of iPear. Also we have accounts on facebook, twitter, blogs and etc. That will help us update people about our events and sales. We also give out bookmarks that has most of our business information.
Our Audience
the target is for 10-40 year old people
they would buy it since they are able to use it
good for the younger generation
can bring it around places because it's light
be able to be used for work such as home work
is also fun and can use all kinds of apps such as photo booth
The Place
the product is best sold at our original store "The Pear Store, iPear" located in Richmond Centre
Richmond Centre is a well known shopping mall so it attracts many tourists
iPear is also sold at Best Buy and Future Shop
these shops are noted for the one of the best electronic stores and their service
this tablet will start at these stores and because of the fame it will soon help us build to be more popular
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