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araceli peña

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of FMEA

Procedure Methodology for analyzing potential reliability problems early in the development cycle where it is easier to take actions to overcome these issues Failure Modes and Effect Analysis System - focuses on global system functions
Design - focuses on components and subsystems
Process - focuses on manufacturing and assembly processes
Service - focuses on service functions
Software - focuses on software functions Types Procedure 1. Describe product process Procedure 4.listing of items or functions Failure Modes andEffects Analysis FMEA 2. Create a Block Diagram of the product or process. 3.Complete the header on the FMEA Form worksheet Open Worksheet 5.Identify Failure Modes, How could it fail? 6. Failure Effect, to the client 7.Potential Cause for failure mode 8. Probability factor scale 1 to represent not likely and 10 to indicate inevitable Consists in : Determine possible failures
Determine the cause of the faiulure Risk Priority Number severity of the fault * concurrece of the fault * efficiency of controls Severity of the failure : Very severe: 10
Less severe: 1 Concurrency: Often: 10
Not Often: 1 Actual Controls: detection efficiency: 1
No detection:10 9. Identify current controls: mechanisms that prevent the cause of the failure mode from occurring 10. Determine the likelihood of Detection 11. Review Risk Priority Numbers (RPN) 12.Determine Recommended Action(s) to address potential failures that have a high RPN 13. Assign Responsibility and a Target Completion Date for these actions. Update the FMEA as the design or process changes THANK YOU! Bibliography: http://www.npd-solutions.com/fmea.html
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