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Dating Booklet

No description

Rebecca Warwick

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Dating Booklet

Beliefs & Values~Ally
Presentation by
Ally Donnelly,
Becca Warwick,
Diego Ramos, and
Andrew Liddle

Description of Ally
Description of Andrew
Description of Becca
Description of Diego
How to ask someone for a date~girls
How to ask someone for a date~boys
How to plan a date~girls
How to plan a date~boys
Dating Do's and Don'ts ~Girls
Dating Do's and Don'ts~Boys
Hello, my name is Andrew. I'm a sophomore at Salinas High.
Good Qualities

Can always reach the cookies on the top self
One giant freaking ball of happy sunshine
Song Writing
Krav Maga
Video Games
Hi,my names is Diego and I'm going to be a sophomore next year, but before that I have to finish summer school :(
Good Qualities Hobbies
love to eat
watching TV
My name is Ally Donnelly. I am 14 and I am going to be a sophomore next year.
athlete-cross country and track
get to know the person and become friends before asking on a date
if not friends yet, introduce yourself and get to know them
find things in common
example: Would you like to go to the movies with me sometime?
NEVER ask a person out through text messaging or a social networking site or have another person ask for you
some risks of asking out a friend is the person denying your offer or if they accept and the date is awkward, and lastly breaking up and ruining a friendship
make sure you know who you're asking out relatively well (you don't want any unexpected surprises later)
If you've fallen for a friend, be careful. If the relationship ends badly, you may loose that friendship
Make sure you're acting like yourself. You might feel like you have to act like a swag fag (sorry), but if you're not really one, it's going to be a hard act to keep up in the long run
While it's usually fine to take things slow, if your aiming for a popular or particularly attractive date, DON'T WAIT too long, or you may find yourself watching her walk away with someone else
When thinking of what to do on a first date, start with something simple, like a public event or the movies. You're potential date (probably) wont react greatly if you just walk up and ask, "Would you come to my house for a candle-lit dinner?"
BIGGEST TIP: Watch all the presentations and read the "How to ask someone for a date~girls" sections. You're best bet is to get an idea of what she thinks is acceptable.
Beliefs & Values~Diego
Beliefs & Values~Becca
Beliefs & Values~Andrew
Hello! My name is Becca. I'm 15, I have two sisters and one brother,
and I am going to be a sophmore.
Good Qualities
Muy inteligente
Hard working
Love to laugh
Mountain biking
Arts and crafts
Remember, if it's a first date, generally plan for it to be in a public place
Ask what time works best for her. Unless you have plans for open heart surgery, you should plan the date when she's free
Leave time for yourself before the date so you can take a shower and freshen up. Your date will thank you
Plan on being a few minutes early. This will allow you to buy movie tickets, get a table, or whatever else you may have to do before your date arrives
If your date hints or mentions that she doesn't have a ride easily available, GIVE HER ONE. Again, she'll thank you.
Depending on how well you know the person should influence what type of date you should go on. If you just met the person, we would recommend going in a group of people you know to avoid awkward situations.
We think the curfew could be different for each person depending on their parent’s rules. You can do the same fun activities when you are in a group, double, or single date; although, the single date may come across as more romantic. Some inexpensive dates include just hanging out at your date's house or a park. More expensive date include going to the movie because the price of tickets and treats can add up, also going out to dinner can be expensive, too. I do not think it necessary for a date to always involve money because people can have fun without needing to spend money.

Dress nicely (but not too nicely)
don't smoke tobacco
don't be a B**CH ;) (e.g. Don't be controlling, whiny, demanding, etc.)
be on time
consider a girls feelings
I am catholic, but I would date a guy that is not the same religion as me
I wouldn't date someone that smokes or does other drugs
I would want to date a guy that is involved in sports and is fit
enjoys spending time with one another
same friends
Attitudes and behaviors:
he has to be determined, funny, nice ,and smart
has to plan ahead
Family backgrounds:
get along with my family
can date someone with a different culture
Ambitions and goals:
wants to graduate high school and college
Financial attitude:
spends money wisely and doesn't splurge
realisitc about what he can purchase and what he can't
Personality traits:
respects me
consider my opinions
Marriage and

to marry a guy I would want to be out of college, for him to be out of college and have a job
trustworthy, responsinble, and loyal
Ally and I both agree that a huge part of dating is your first impression. A first impression is your opinion (thoughts, dislikes, and likes) about a person you're just beginning to get to know. Anything and everything from a person's manners to the way they dress are what you use to form you opinion of someone.
Or in other words, be proud about how you present yourself. Advice: Try to dress more than just casual (at least on the first date)
If plans change, be flexible and roll with the punches as long as whatever you do is in your comfort zone.
Be clean
Be modest
Be firm in your beliefs and standards
Boys be
meaning offer to...
Hold open doors
Pay for meals, movie tickets, etc.
Provide a ride home
Do not go


meaning try to not show off too much. Whether that be through-
Dressing too fancy (unless the situations calls for such ostentatious attire)
Acting out
Being cocky
Talking only about yourself
Being pushy
Also, do
do anything illegal
Attitudes and Behaviors:
Family Background:
Financial Attitude:
Personality Traits:
Marriage and Commitment:

take care of themselves
is a clean person
perferubly catholic, but doesn't matter
brushes her teeth
keeps in shape
has some of the same interests as I do
Attitudes and Behaviors:
has to have a goal
can not have a low

fun personality
Good Work Ethic
Preferably Christian but any religion is fine
Good eating habits
Exercise regularly ( or considered important)
Treat your body with care (no drugs, alcohol etc.)
Eat healthy
No complaining
Get things done
Preferably supportive and caring about you, but it doesn't matter so much because you can't change your family.
Smart about choices
Save and capable of thinking about the future
I like to hang out with people that are like me and share my same values and sense of humor because that's how i've found most of my best friends
Marriage is a religious concept that I do believe strongly in. The commitment between a man or woman and the person they love is something that should last forever. The partner you choose should truly be your best friend.
On time
Hard working
Keeps their word
Religion: I don't have any particular preference for religion, as long as they don't try to force their beliefs onto me
Eats well
does moderate exercise
keeps clean
No hard drugs (heroin, crystal meth, etc.
NO tobacco (hooka is fine)
Compatibility: I would obviously prefer someone with similar interests and personality, but a little difference is good
Attitude and Behaviors:
Energetic but not hyper
Has some long-term goals
Family Background: As long as her family doesn't hate me with the burning passion of 1,000 fiery suns, it doesn't matter
Personality Traits:
Good speaker and listener
Independent personality
shorter than me, but not by much (that means she probably has to be tall)
Allys Beliefs and Values continued>>>
Family Background:
as long as their parents (DAD or older BROTHER) doesn't hate me then it should be ok
Personal Traits:
personally I like somebody different than me because you pretty much get to see how you would interact with the opposite of you
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