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Archie Costello Is........

No description

Sarah Mallow

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Archie Costello Is........

Sarah Mallow
June 2013 Archie Costello is.... "the
Assigner" "OBIE WAS BORED. Worse than bored. He was disgusted. He was also tired....Most of all, he was tired of Archie. Archie the bastard. The bastard that Obie alternately hated and admired...."You're a real bastard," Obie said finally, his frustration erupting, like a Coke exploding from a bottle after you shake it. "You know that?" Archie turned and smiled at him benevolently, like a goddam king passing out favors." "the Bully" [New York]: Pantheon Books, ©1974. Considered to have "changed the face of young adult literature over the course of his career." "the Bastard" "the
Victimizer" "Archie knew he could shape Janza's
actions the way he could shape
a piece of clay." " Archie," he said, whispering, menace in the whisper, as if the information he had to impart was too terrible to be spoken aloud. "I don't care about fun and games. I don't care whether it's Renault or your precious organization or the state of the economy. All I know is that the chocolates aren't being sold.
And I want them sold!" (Brother Leon) "Me" ??
"A Little Bit
of All of Us"?? OBIE CARTER EMILE BRIAN COACH " a vicious, despicable or thoroughly disliked person" "a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people." "one who gives out or announces a task or appoints to a post or duty" "to make a victim of, to dupe swindle or cheat" "one that is acted on
and usually
adversely affected
by a force or agent" "the Leader" "a person who directs a
military force or unit;
a person who has
commanding authority
or influence" “an assigner could go off the deep end if there wasn’t some kind of control. The box provided the control.” GOOBER "I'll make it clear, Archie. If the sale goes down the drain, you and the Vigils also go down the drain." (Brother Leon) "Archie exulted quietly.
He had successfully conned Renault and Leon and The Vigils and the whole damn school.
I can con anybody. I am Archie." "All right, so he liked to screw around a little, get under people's skin. That was human nature, wasn't it? A guy had to protect himself at all times. Get them before they get you. Keep people guessing --- and afraid." Proactive vs. Reactive
The exceptional leader is always thinking three steps ahead. Working to master his/her own environment with the goal of avoiding problems before they arise. Flexible/Adaptable
How do you handle yourself in unexpected or uncomfortable situations? An effective leader will adapt to new surroundings and situations, doing his/her best to adjust. Effective Leaders are:
An exceptional leader realizes that he/she cannot accomplish everything on his own. A leader will know the talents and interests of people around him/her, thus delegating tasks accordingly. Initiative-Taking
A leader should work to be the motivator, an initiator. He/she must be a key element in the planning and implementing of new ideas, programs, policies, events, etc. Resourceful
Utilize the resources available to you. If you don't know the answer to something find out by asking questions. A leader must create access to information. Archie Costello IS
"The Chocolate War"
and a whole lot more!
He is... "the Victim" References We consider Archie to be the ultimate tyrant.
He seems to know how to twist and manipulate
everyone and every situation. Archie displays this
destructive ability again and again throughout
the novel. As I worked my way through this story, I hated
Archie more and more. Upon honest reflection though, I think it is safe to say at some point in our lives, we have all probably been a "villian", a "bastard", a "victimizer", a "bully", or a "manipulator" whether it was on a sports team, in high school, in a relationship, or at the work place. I can recall times when I joined in when my friends were teasing a classmate, or when I have gossiped about a co-worker. It's hard to admit to ourselves, but we may all have a little bit of Archie in us.
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