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sebastian barstatis

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of multiplication

traditional method
example 79

How I found th ansewer is nine x nine=
81 you carry eight. Nine x seven = 63
You add your eight = 71 so now you . Next 0 in the tens place 1 in the 1s place 5 in the hundreds place and 1 in thethusons place

The meaning of multiplication
partial pruducts
expmple 79x19=(70x10)+(70x9)+(9x10)+(9x9)=

how found the anster is did 70x10=700 then i did70x9=630 and this 9x10=90 after that i ad the sums and that will get you to the nurmail 1501

This is how to multply big #.
Multiplication can be hard when using the traditional method with big numbers but partial products can help with that so don't just tell the teacher that you can't do it because that's not true every one has a true potential.

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