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Copy of Copy of My Desktop template

A creative way to share my resume.

Christopher Henderson

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of My Desktop template

September Sales Meeting 2012 What's our starting point? Brain Storm Data... we have lots of it! Did you know that each monthly sales report contains over 140,000 pieces of information... What was sold... To which account... In what quantity... At what time... By which sales person... In order to understand this data we need to shape it into something meaningful so that we can make effective evidence based decisions on our business. Due to the amount of detail this can often take a lot of time and effort... In the past we have dealt with these issues with the use of pivot tables and a lot of excel data, this can often be.... Sometimes when looking at this level of detail we can miss the bigger picture Difficult to
understand... Time consuming... Frustrating... Sometimes things just don't go where you want them to.. Where are we going - What's the idea? BIG Improve the use and understanding of one of our biggest assets....OUR Data To enpower people to work smarter and faster to generate actionable business insight To put self service fast analytics and rapid fire business intelligence at all of our finger tips Understanding our products & customers Understanding our markets Identify key product trends Reporting of core Driveline Products Provide competitor overviews Highlight individual area
buying patterns Highlight key market dynamics (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Branching out... Understanding the needs of our business Provide high level summary data Pin point the underlying drivers of market movements Growth Trends Market Shares Selling Patterns Key features... Data visualisation at the click of a mouse Interactive dashboard reporting The ability to show the top line and the detail behind our data Primary Care Reporting... A set of 2 core market reports MAT Market Dashboard
Monthly Market Dashboard Driving consistency... We will all read from the same book... one that tells a story Understanding Our Data = Understanding Our Business 2 The Big Picture Difficult to understand Time Consuming Frustrating Don't try this..... It doesn't work (I have tried) Sometimes things just dont seem to go where you want them to... On to the Demo!
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