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Year 7 English - Miss Tasneem

No description

Amira Tasneem

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Year 7 English - Miss Tasneem

Welcome to English - Miss Tasneem
Tell me who you are and something interesting about yourself - not just what your favorite things are!
Year. Tutor. House.
____ English Rm. 44
Miss Tasneem
Your Expectations
Discuss (talk) with the people on your table, about what you would expect from your English Teacher.

Make a list of 5 expectations on each of the flash cards.

Then put them in order of importance
(1 = most, 5 = least)
Miss Tasneem's Expectations:
1. Be on time every time.
2. Always be polite and respect everyone.
3. Take pride in your work by having perfect presentation of your books.
4. Never miss a homework deadline.
5. Want to learn - show me by giving 110% every lesson.
Preparing our books...
1. Glue in Speaking and Listening
2. Glue in Reading
3. Glue in Writing
4. Tacky back your books
Write a letter to your new English teacher (me!)

Follow the guidelines on the hwk helpsheet.
Let's get to know!
1. Find someone who was born in the same month as you.

2. Find someone with same the favourite colour as you.

3. Find someone who is in a different house to yours.
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