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Cassette tapes of Hannah Baker

No description

sarah spears

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Cassette tapes of Hannah Baker

Reasons Why

Jessica Davis
-As Jessica was once Hannah's friend as well, jealousy didn't stop her from lashing out at Hannah. Hannah held her name on the top of the list of "who's hot" on their friend Alex's list. But when Hannah tried to explain there was nothing going on between her and Alex; Jessica lashed hit Hannah and ended her friendship.
-Tyler was the schools photographer. He peeped through her window quite often. When Hannah invited a friend from school over, Courtney, to catch him in the act; they did just that.
Alex Standall
-No means no! But, Alex, her ex friend, was consistently touching her shoulders and waist. This was not only harassment, but one more person for Hannah to worry about.
Justin Foley
- Hannah Baker was new to town, Justin Foley being her first kiss. It was only a period of time before Justin's untrue and nasty rumors spread about the bottom of the rocket slide.
I give all five stars to Thirteen Reasons Why. Not only is it suspenseful and breathtaking; but it leaves a reader in deep thought afterwords. This book gives an overlook of what teens go through during their years of high school, Jay Asher gave Clay an important role in this book. Even if you take part in a small act in bullying, it can take a giant toll on someone in the end; bigger than you'd expect. I encourage you to read this book if you haven't already, it relates to real life situations in any persons life even if you're not necessarily a teenager. The moral to this book is essential to anyone going through what Hannah Baker once went through.
Sarah Spears

Jay Asher
"Peeping Tom"
Courtney Crimsen
-After Courtney Crimsen was invited to Hannah's, she insisted on making up the rumor that Hannah kept "surprises" in her dresser draw. To make things worse, the party that Courtney invited Hannah to knew about her "surprises." This left everyone snickering behind her back humiliating Hannah.
Marcus Cooley
-Persuaded by the rumors of Hannah, she was told to meet Marcus at a diner Only to make moves on her. He was soon rejected realizing the kind of girl she really was.
Ryan Shaver
-Finally, Hannah met someone she could trust; or so she thought. Trading poem books with Ryan thinking he could be trusted, he published one of her very personal poems. This was leaked to the whole school, where most kids made fun of it; knowing she wrote it..
Zack Dempsey
-Mrs. Bradleys Peer communication class felt like Hannahs only safe place to be. There were often notes exchanged between students, like confidence boosters. These were Hannahs only hope in life, which Zack managed to take away. Her thoughts exactly, "and you? You took that hope away. You decided I didn't deserve to have it."
Jenny Kurtz
-Hannah getting in a car accident with Jenny really showed that she was on her own; Hannah was told to get out the car in fear she would reveal Jenny was the cause for this accident.
Mr. Porter
-Hannahs last option was going to her counselor, Mr. porter; one of the last people she ever saw before she made the biggest decision of her life. He did care about helping her, but didn't make the effort to care enough..
-Tony was just as part of this as anyone else, he supplied Hannah with the tapes as her source of saying what she went through.
Out of everyone Hannahs pushed away, Clay could have been the only one to help her find herself again; she was too afraid to let anyone in and Clay was scared away by her reputation.
Author's Info
Jay Asher was born in a family who always encouraged to do what you believe in, so after school; Jay became a novelist for young adults. Between 2007-2011, Jay was in the process of writing two best seller books that were soon to be published; Thirteen Reasons Why & The Future of Us. His inspiration of Hannah's suicide came from a close family member who was also dealing with the same issues as Hannah; particularly during the time of high school. The future of us was also a top seller when two friends decide to go their separate ways over a misunderstanding; but soon find another connection to bring them back together.
(Just another hopeless friendship)
(Pathetic reject)
(Thought to be trusted)
(Threat to her hope)
(Her last cry for help)
(There for her all along)
In the new town of Crestmont where Hannah Baker was attending school, she started to endure the worst that any teenager could ever deal with. Revealing each person on the tapes that led to Hannah's decision was no problem for her; the lies, the rumors, the embarrassment was soon coming to an end. Just when you think a simple act ,bad or good, could never play a dramatic part in a persons life as her friends did; he soon finds out how he takes part in this. Who would ever think an innocent girl like Hannah could be treated so brutally to the point where she starts to doubt herself? Taking such drastic decisions as she did? Maybe even leading to all the wrong ones.. the ones that make up The Thirteen reasons why..
Hannah Baker

Could Hannah have been one of her own reasons to make the decision she did? The more she cried for help, the more she was ignored by her own friends and teachers. Neglected by her parents, tortured by the ones closest to her; she was an outcast. If only Hannah received help more immediately, maybe things would have been different for her. Her reputation was going up in flames, only from the inconsiderate minds of teenagers. People are only sorry when it counts or when its too late; it was up to Hannah to find her way out.
(unneeded stress)
Favorite Paragraph/ Phrase!
"And Finally... I discovered I was sick of this town and everything in it. I'm starting to get there, too, Hannah." (pg118)
-In this statement Clay makes, I think it's very much related to how Hannah Started to feel everyday at her high school. It's one of my favorites because those tapes are really starting to effect Clay emotionally now; he is understanding what she went through to get to the point where she was at in her life.
"Because in there, I admitted that I was at a point in my life where I really could have used and encouragement anyone might have left me. Encouragement... that he stole." (pg168)
-This is also one of my favorites because Hannah was going through so much in her life that not necessarily everyone knew about; she was starting to loose faith in herself. But those notes that she received from other students gave her some kind of hope that kept her going. For someone like Zack to take away her hope, her encouragement, her confidence; she had nothing else to live for.
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