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Abraham Lincoln

No description

eu wang

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Family Timeline: Fun Facts Lincoln’s father was only literate enough to sign his name, while his mother was illiterate. Lincoln spent less than one year in school during his whole life. Nicknames:
The Rail-splitter
Honest Abe
Not a vampire hunter :/ Appearance:
A stranger put a pistol to Lincoln’s head, saying he had sworn to kill the first person he met uglier that he. Lincoln replied, “If I am uglier than you are, I don’t want to live. Go ahead and shoot.” Lincoln stood six feet four inches He had the start of a beard, grown at the suggestion of an eleven-year-old girl, who thought it might improve his appearance. His friends compared his feet to snowshoes. Lincoln could take the end of an ax handle between his thumb and forefinger, raise it up to his nose, and hold it at arm’s length for several minutes.
(~800g) Lincoln’s first poem:

Abraham Lincoln
His hand and pen
Be will be good but
God knows when
Abraham Lincoln is my nam(e)
And with my pen I wrote the same
I wrote in both hast and speed
And left it here for fools read Southern Propaganda a “savage”, “fiend”, “beast”, and “monster” He gambled with dice made from their bones The Yankee chief planned to enslave white people and put them under black overseers “the snout of a half starved Illinois pig.” a bogeyman with a face like wrinkled bacon A schoolyard song in South:

Jeff Davis rides a snow-white horse;
Abe Lincoln rides a mule.
Jeff Davis is a gentleman;
Abe Lincoln is a fool. One wintry night, he told a guard to come in out of the cold. The soldier refused; he had his orders and must make his rounds.
Lincoln snapped. “It occurs to me that I am commander in chief, and I order you to go inside.” His father hired him out to neighbors at 25cents a day to dig wells and split logs into fence rails. Threatening letters arrived daily Obscene poems and disgusting drawings showing him with a rope around his neck, chains on his feet, and his body covered with tar and feathers Case Background An Alabama newspaper had put a price of $1 million on his head A woman spy dressed as a widow boldly came up to him and kissed his cheek. She had smallpox. Lincoln believed in fatalism The President did not like to have guards around John Wilkes Booth Born on May 10, 1838 Personal Background The Unlocked Book: A Memoir of John Wilkes Booth
By his sister Asia Father: Junius Brutus Booth
Brother: Edwin Booth He served as a secret agent (!!)
“My profession, my name, is my passport.”
Sabotage & espionage Lincoln’s ugliness and coarse manners
Lincoln was an enemy of the human race Reasons: 1: He worshiped the Confederacy and loathed the man who had brought it to ruin 2: The Confederacy still had a chance of surviving – a slim chance, but a chance nevertheless.
Despite Lee’s surrender in Virginia, Joseph Johnston still had not surrendered his 30,000 troops in North Carolina. 4: Booth trusted his followers to do anything he asked. Father: Thomas Lincoln

Mother: Nancy Hanks Lincoln

Wife: Mary Todd Lincoln

Sister: Sarah, two years older than Lincoln.

Brother: Thomas who was born in 1812
(died that same year)

Step-mother: Sarah Bush Lincoln

Son: Robert, Tad, William, Edward Feb 12 1809: Lincoln was born in Hardin County, Kentucky. 1816: when Lincoln was six years old, the family headed north to Indiana. 1831: Moved to New Salem Illinois 1834: First won his election to the Illinois Legislature 1836: Lincoln got his lawyer license and started his law practice. Nov 4 1842: Married Mary Todd Lincoln 1846: As a member of the Whig Party, Lincoln won for the US House of Representatives 1858: Lincoln Douglas Debate:
Kansas-Nebraska Act •Lost in the presidential election
became famous Nov 6 1860: Won the presidential election, became the 16th President of US

Dec 20 1860: South Carolina seceded from the Union
Feb 11 1861: 6 states seceded from the Union as well.

March 1861: Lincoln took the oath of office April 12 1861: the Start of the Civil War
Charleston, South Carolina Sep 17 1862: Battle of Antietam (North); Battle of Sharpsburg (South) •Sharpsburg, Maryland
•Total casualties were 22,717
•Victory? Jan 1 1863: Emancipation Proclamation Mar 5 1865: Lincoln’s second term of presidency started; inaugural speech

•“With malice toward none; with charity for all," April 9 1865: Robert E. Lee surrendered;
the end of the Civil War April 14 1865: Lincoln’s Assassination

7:22AM April 15 1865: Lincoln passed away. 3: The sudden elimination of the Union’s top leadership was to disrupt the control of the army in the field.
This might allow Jefferson Davis, backed by Johnston’s troops, to negotiate a peace treaty rather than surrender unconditionally. v. Lincoln v. Booth [1865] "Sic simper tyrannis!”
“Thus always to tyrants!”
the motto of the state of Virginia.
At 10:30 PM At 8:30 PM At 9:30PM 7:22AM on April 15, 1865
“Now he belongs to the ages!”- Edwin Stanton April 26 Doctor Charles Leale:

“I leaned forcibly forward directly over his body, thorax to thorax, face to face, and several times drew in a long breath, then forcibly breathed directly into his mouth and nostrils, which expanded his lungs and improved his respiration. After waiting a moment I placed my ear over his thorax and found the action of the heart improving. I rose to the erect kneeling posture, then watched for a short time and saw that the President would continue independent breathing and that instant death would not occur. I then pronounced my diagnosis and prognosis: ‘His wound is mortal; it is impossible for him to recover.’ ” April 21 July 7 Do you think it is justified to kill John Wilkes Booth right away?

Can he use insanity plea?

What is your decision if you are the judge or the jury? Detective John F. Parker:

Detective John F. Parker was the only officer assigned to the President that night. Parker had a reputation as a lazy brute who beat up women. Everyone in the Police Department knew his recode, but somehow he had drawn the most important assignment in the capital.

Bored at sitting outside a closed door, he had left his post. At first he watched the play from a seat in the orchestra. Quickly losing interesting, he went to the tavern next door and got drunk.

The detective was never brought up on charges, but lost his job three years later for sleeping on duty. It is unclear whether he escaped justice through a police cover-up or police stupidity. The END...

Thank you

Huh~ By: Yiyu = =+ •In cold cash, the federal government spent $3.4 billion, plus another $8.2 billion for veterans’ pensions afterward, (a total of 11.6 billion)

The war claimed the lives of an estimated 620,000 soldiers – 360,000 Union and 260,000 Confederate.

That is more than the deaths in all other American wars combined, from the Revolution to Vietnam, when the total reached 648,000. •George McClellan vs Robert E. Lee
•131,000 soldiers engaged (Union 87,000 vs Confederate 45,000)
•Total casualties were 22,717
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