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lib hist

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Genesis

Founder & Reason Founded
Pennsylvania was founded by a man named William Penn. He was issued a grant from King Charles II, because of a debt owed to Admiral Penn, William Penn's father. The reason why Penn founded Pennsylvania was to give the Quakers more religious freedom, and for trade and profit.
Colonial History
Pennsylvania was founded in 1684 by William Penn, a man who tried to settle a colony for the religious freedom of the Quakers. The original name for the colony was The Province of Pennsylvania, but was later changed to just Pennsylvania. The name came from Williams last name, Penn, and the Latin word "Sylvania" meaning woodland. The colony finally became a state in 1787, after 105 years! Their first official form of government was in 1775, called the Proprietary Colony.

Types of people
Native Americans
Non-English refugees from Europe

Types of Economy
Exporter on Agricultural products
Exported iron ore items ( plows, tools, kettles, locks, nails and large blocks of iron
Grew lots of wheat crops for flour, the was shipped to England
Industries produced corn and wheat, and livestock, such as beef and pork
Other industries produced iron ore, lumber, textiles, furs and shipbuilding materials
Types of Religion
There was no specific religion, which gave religious freedom to the following:
Native American religion
Why people would like to settle here
Some reasons on why people would like to settle here could be for the religious freedom, natural resources, good climate, and good farmland. Most middle colonies had a mild climate with warm summers and not to cold winters. It was perfect weather for all-year farming. Most natural resources included timber, furs and coal.
Colonial History #2
LAND OF THE BRAVE https://www.landofthebrave.info/pennsylvania-colony.htm
HISTORY.COM http://www.history.com/topics/quakers
One of the main types of people were the Quakers. Quakers believed in direction of what they called "Christ Within" or Inner Light
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