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Romanov Family Tree

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Ashleigh Wirshing

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of Romanov Family Tree

Romanov Family
First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
Alexander was Tsar of Russia, King of Poland, and Grand Prince of Finland from the age of 31 (1876) to his death in 1894. During his time of regin he was often called "The Peacemaker" because Russia was never involved in any major wars at the time. Alexzander, as the second son of Tsar Alexander II, was not supposed to be ruler, but since his older brother (first born) passed away unexpectedly Alexander became Ruler of Russia.
Alexander III
Maria originated from Denmark where she was known as Princess Dagmar of Denmark because she came from the ruling family. She came to Russia to marry the eldest brother of Alexander but because of his death she became the bride of Alexander. They had six children together one of which became the last Tsar (Emperor) of Russia.
Maria Feodorovna
Xenia was the eldest of the two daughters that Alexander III and Maria Feodorovna had. She was married to her first cousin once removed, Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich, at age 19. At first her parents were worried that she was too young to marry until they were presuaded by Grand Duke Michael Nikolaevich, Uncle of Alexander III and father to Alexander Mikhailovich. Xenia and Alexander had 7 children.
Xenia Alexandrovia
Alexander was the son of Duke Michael Nicolaivich who was the youngest son of Nicholas I and brother to Alexander III Tsar of Russia at the time. His Wife (Xenia Alexandrovna) was his first cousin once removed and Nicholas II was his cousin and brother-in-law.
Alexander Mikhailovich
Olga was the youngest of the daughters. In 1901 she married the Duke Peter Alexandrovich of Oldenburg for 15 years and their marriage was eventully annulled in 1916. She remarried to a calvery officer by the name of Nikolai Kulikousky. During WWI she worked as an army nurse and won an award for personal gallantry. After the Russian revolution she played a key role in figuring out imposters from her real deceased relatives. The most famous was an imposter who imitated her niece Anastasia who was the daughter of the last Tsar of Russia.
Olga Nikolaevna
Michael was the youngest of the living sons of Alexander III. He had many romances all of which threatened his line of succession because they were all non-royals. After his father, older brother George, Nicholas II's only son Alexei, and Nicholas II died of illness or unnatural causes Michael had the chance to become the Tsar but it was at the wrong time because the Russian Revolution captured and killed anyone who could become the Tsar. That is what eventually happened to him.
Michael Alexandrovich
George was beloved by most of the imperial family, his brother Nicholas and mother both admired him, but it wasn't until his secret marriage which destroyed his reputation. George had signs of tuberculosis wich developed into bronchitis. Because of this he grew very weak through the years. Then on the 9th of Agust 1899, at the young age of 28, was found dead from his illness. Grief struck the imperial family at the sudden death. The family started to remember him as who he was not by the terrible deed he had done.
George Alexandrovich
Alexander was the second son and the second child of the six children of Alexander III. He was the first brother to Nicholas II. He died of meningitis, an inflammatory disease of the brain and spinal cord, one month before his first birthday. The picture on the left may be the only picture of him. Sadly though its a picture of him in his coffin.
Alexander Alexandrovich
Nicholas II was the last Tsar of Russia, Grand Duke of Finland, and king of Poland. He was known by the Orthodox church as Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer because of his untimely execution. In his reign Russia fell from being a super power in the world to an economic and military weakling. He was assasinated along with his family 17 of July 1918 leaving a record of the richest monarch in human history.
Nicholas II
Alexandra was married to the last Tsar of Russia. She was born the granddaughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Along with being known for her marriage with the last Tsar she was known to be the most famous royal to carry hemophilia. Alexandra had five children (the last of the Tsar's line). Her only son and heir to the throne was very ill with this disease. She became obsessed with trying to help him be healthy. She became under the spell of an evil phony healer named Rasputin. Rasputin was one of the causes of the downfall of the Romanov family. She was executed along with all her children and her husband at the time of the Russion Revolution.
Alexandra Feodorovna
Eldest of the four daughters of Tsar Nicholas II, Olga had planned to wed a prince of a foriegn country, but it never happened because of the Russian revolution. During WW1 she worked as a nurse in a military hospital untill she could no longer stand the sight of the injured and instead took administrative duties. It was thought that she and her sisters were carriers of the hemophilia disease because they showed symptoms of it. She too was executed with the royal family during the revolution.
Olga Nilkolaevna
Tatiana was the second daughter of Nicholas II. She too worked as a nurse during WW1 along with her family. All the children were close to each other and they were close to their parents even untill their death. Tatiana and Olga where known as "The Big Pair" in Russia because they were both named after an old and famous poem which was popular in Russia.
Tatiana Nikolaevna
Maria was too young to work as a nurse during WW1 but instead she would often visit with the wounded soldiers. Maria and her younger sister Anastasia were known as "The Little Pair" because they spent much time together and wore much of the same clothing. She was good natured and was much more apologetic than her younger naughtier sister. Some believe that either she or her sister escaped the execution but physical evidence has proven all Romanovs were killed.
Maria Nikolaevna
Youngest of the four daughters of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna. At the time of her birth, her family was upset at the fact that she was another girl they hoped to finally have a boy to become the next ruler. One meaning to her name is "The breaker of chains" because in honner of her birth Nicholas II released imprisoned students who were put in prison for riots. She, like her older sister Maria, visited wounded soldiers and tried to cheer them up. In the time of the massacre of the royal family there were reports of her survival throughout the country but the reports were false. Many movies were made about what could have happened if she escaped but they are all fictional.
Anastasia Nikolaevna
Alexei was the only son of Tsar Nicholas II and he was the Tsarevich (heir to the throne). He was born with hemophilia because his mother was a carrier of it. He was prevented from doing a lot of things in fear of being injured he was also aware that having this disease would cause him to have a short life. Since he was the only boy in the family and heir to the throne he went to his father's millitary headquarters during WW1 to watch millitary life. He would often go to his father's government meetings as well. He would have become a great leader with his knowledge and sympathetic state except life for him was cut short by the revolution.
Alexei Nikolaevich
Dmitri Alexandrovich
George Mikhailovich
6 Agust 1910- 21 July 1931
10 March 1845-20 October 1894
26 Nov. 1847-13 Oct. 1928
6 April 1875-20 April 1960
13 April 1866 -28 Feb, 1933
13 June 1882 - 24 Nov. 1960
9 May 1871-9 Agust 1899
7 June 1869-2 May 1870
Natalia was a commoner and was married and had children from another marriage that she was in at the time when she met Michael. They had their first and only child when she was just fianlizing her divorce with her second husband. She and Michael were secretly married 16 Oct. 1912.
Natalia Brasova
Dec. 4 1878- 13 June 1918
27 June 1880- 26 Jan. 1952
18 May 1868- 17 July 1918
6 June 1872- 17 July 1918
Nov. 15 1895- July 17 1918
26 May 1897- 17 July 1918
June 26 1899-July 17 1918
June 18 1901-July 17 1918
12 Agust 1904-17 July 1918
George was born a descendent of the house of Romanov and was the son of Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich and Natalia Brasova. Because his mother was not a royal line he falls under a morganatic line of the Romanov family. Which meant he could not become ruler. He was named George after his Uncle whom died young. Even though he could never rule he still posed a threat during the Russian Revolution, so he and his mother fled to England while his father was killed in Russia. After his grandmother died he inheriated a lot of money which he used to buy a sports car. Sadly though he died in a car crash at the age of 20. He was the last male desendent of Alexander the III.
Irina Aleksandrovna
Andrei Alexandrovich
Feodor Alexandrovich
Nikita Alexandrovich
Rostislav Alexandrovich
Vasili Alexandrovich
Exiled Children of Xenia
This part of the family was spared during the 1917 revolution. They were exiled from Russia.
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