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Robert H. Goddard

No description

Elaina Flewellen

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Robert H. Goddard

The Wright brothers created the first flying airplane, close to the same time as the first rocket was built, people acknowledged the plane more than the rocket.
Octave Chanut(e) created the Richard Anemometer, which the Wright brothers used for their plane.
Robert H. Goddard
Inventor of the first liquid-fueled rocket
Wernher von Braun created the first ballistic missile, which was first envisioned by Robert Goddard
Hermann Oberth came up with the oberth effect which is a maneuver in which a rocket falls into a gravitational well, and then accelerates when its fall reaches maximum speed
Erich Warsitz was the first liquid fueled rocket test Pilot and was know as the best flier and he worked with Wernher von Braun
Robert H. Goddard created the first liquid powered rocket with research he found from past scientists
1903: airplane was first launched
Samuel Langley created a plane called the aerodrome, Robert looked back on this plane to learn more about how an aircraft flies
Launched 1898
created 1896
Leonardo DaVinci created the codex of birds which talked about how birds fly, Samuel Langley read this study to find out how to make his invention work.
written in 1505-1506
leonardo Davinci was trained by Andrea del Verrocchi, he trained some of the best artist during his time period.
trained Da Vinci in 1466
made in 1942
flew in 1937
was founded in 1927
Hellmuth Walter created the engine for the Messerschmidt Me 163 and Wernher von Braun paid hellmuth Walter to make the engine for the Heinkel and Messerschmidt
crafted in 1939
Robert Albert Charles Esnault-Pelterie proposed the usage of atomic power to power the jet drive to help create a more efficient rocket
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