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Matched By Ally Condie

No description

Robin Blanchard

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Matched By Ally Condie

By Ally Condie
Matched Book trailer
Matched is the first book in a trilogy that is known
as the matched series. It is then followed by Crossed,
and soon to be followed by Reached. (coming out in November)
A hard to put down read!
Matched by Ally Condie
Genre: Futuristic Fiction, with some romance.
a dystopic trilogy.
She does keep teaching license current.
This book is set in the future, in a world
where the leaders think they have figured out everything there is to know about happiness and life. But when there is a glitch one person who used to follow all the rules turns against the society.
copper brown hair, green eyes, short and skinny.
Ky Markham
blue eyes and bright blonde hair
Xander Carrow
man vs. Society
Ally Condie writes books to reach the High School level of kids, as she was a high school English teacher. Some of her other book
include Freshmen for President, and being 16. Who lives with her husband and for kids in Utah.
love triangle!
turns seventeen, hoping for it to be the best time of her life.
She has the best friend she could ask for!
Will she throw everything she knows away, for what might be real love, not society love.
Moves into the maple tree borough with Cassia and Xander.
he was an orphan of outer districts.
unable to be matched.
helps cassia understand life.
tanned skin, dark hair, long eyelashes, and blue eyes
cassia's best friend
always there for her and supports her
is special
him and Ky are immunnue to the red tablets
knows to much
In a world where society controls everything is it shocking someone would turn against them?
But when the do it to themselves as an experiment can it hurt them more then they thought?
For her seveneth birthday she got to attend her matching ceremony. But after she gets paired with someone, no one expected, her world and those she loves turn around. In an exciting love triangle, where lives could be lost, can real love be found?
this book is a suspenseful, romantic tale. that attracts many young adult readers.
mood/ tone
Freedom of choice
true love <3
one of my favorite parts of the book, is the hill scenes.
one of the things i don't like is... i cant think of anything.
Something i remember most is the microchip mix up.
"Ky can play this game. He can play all of their games,including the one in front of him that he just lost. He knows exactly how to play, and that's why he loses every time."
" There's more to say, but we're learning how to speak. Together we step out of the trees. Not touching. Not yet."
" You are strong enough to go without it. "
talking about the red tablets, something that the officals use to make people forget something. refrenced many times, not always about this but also to symbolize going without something that is your lifeline.
Ky and Cassia are telling each other about there feelings about each other, but because it is banned the cant be spotted.
talking about how Ky knows so much more then what others know. He knows the tricks of the society, and he doesnt want them to catch on.
i would recomend this book to anyone who likes romance, and adventure.
this is a good book, that a lot of people can enjoy, it has something everyone will love.
thank you!:)

read the book you wont regret it!
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