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Serial Killer: Richard Ramirez

No description

Kim Stanley

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Serial Killer: Richard Ramirez

Evil or Misunderstood? What is a Serial Killer? Someone who kills at least three victims one by one in a series of sequential murders, with a form of psychological gratification as the primary motive. Myths All White All Male All Insane High Mobility Kill dozens Influenced by rock music Abused as Children Different from average people Anyone who crosses path becomes a victim Smart Can avoid police Sex Hungry Facts Many motives to kill Looks like the Average Person Kill fewer than 10 17% are female 2-4% are legally insane Rejection Anger Abuse Many victims are strangers Several don't involve sex at all Average to below intelligence 1:5 are African American Richard
"The Night Stalker"
Ramirez Childhood Brought up Catholic
Known as Ricky to friends and classmates
Saw his cousin murder his wife at the age of 13 Born: February 1960 in El Paso, TX
Youngest of five children Childhood into Adulthood He lived in Skid Row where he started a cocaine habit, eating only junk food, and having sex with prostitutes.
He was arrested for auto theft, in Pasadena in 1981 and L A in 1984.
During this time, he began to profess his love for Lucifer and started learning his urges toward torture and sex. (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Years of Kills
1984-1985 Finally Captured Trial and Prosecution He is known to having one of the longest court cases of a serial killer of four years.
It was mainly due to disrupting in the court with the pentagram on his hand and yelling obscenities Life in Prison/
Groupies Conclusion to my Study I don't know if all serial killers are considered evil, but I feel that Richard Ramirez is not necessarily evil. Who's my main focus? Why? Are all serial killer controlled by Satan? or do they worship him? He dropped out of high school by the 9th grade.
He was kicked out of his home and decide to move out to Los Angeles. Ramirez first attempt to burglary and murder was June 28, 1984 to a Ms. Jennie Vincow.
During this attack, he was high on cocaine and realized that the drug was making his paranoid during the attack. This was the time where he realized that he needed to go to a better drug, marijuana, and continue on with his impulses.
It wouldn't kill again until March 17, 1985. These attacks would continue until his last victims August 24, 1985 28 June 1984: Jennie Vincow - raped and murdered
17 March 1985: Maria Hernandez - attempted murder
17 March 1985: Dayle Okasaki - murdered
17 March 1985: Tsai Lian Yu- murdered
27 March 1985: Vincent Zazzara - murdered
27 March 1985: Maxine Zazzara - murdered
14 April 1985: William Doi - murdered
14 April 1985: Lillie Doi - attempted murder
30 May 1985: Carol Kyle - raped
27 June 1985: Patty Elaine Higgins - murdered
2 July 1985: Mary Louise Cannon - murdered
5 July 1985: Whitney Bennet - attempted murder
7 July 1985: Joyce Lucille Nelson - murdered
7 July 1985: Sophie Dickman - raped
20 July 1985: Max Kneiding - murdered
20 July 1985: Leila Kneiding - murdered
20 July 1985: Chainarong Khovananth - murdered
20 July 1985: Somkid Khovananth - raped
5 August 1985: Christopher Peterson - attempted murder
5 August 1985: Virginia Peterson - attempted murder
9 August 1985: Elyas Abowath - murdered
9 August 1985: Sakina Abowath - raped
17 August 1985: Barbara Pan - raped
17 August 1985: Peter Pan - murdered
24 August 1985: William Carns - attempted murder
24 August 1985: Inez Erickson - raped Timeline & Victims I feel that he is misunderstood by people in a society that doesn't care about anything, but the "norm."
Most are not influenced by rock music, however, Richard Ramirez was an example of being influenced by AC/DC, the people who made it. He lives today on death row in San Quentin, California.
While in prison he has received a great amount of letters from ladies being "in love" or obsessed with him.
One fair lady, Doreen Loiy, was able to send 75 letters, and win a proposal from the Night Stalker.
They were wed on October 3, 1996 in a large white visiting room in San Quentin. August 30, 1985 was the day that he was finally captured.
Cops had finally found evidence due to finger prints, his shoes by Avia that were in multiple crime scenes.
He was in the East L.A. area when he was chased down by an angry mob from the community.
The police finally came and arrested him. Conviction He was charged with 14 counts of murder, 5 attempted murders, 2 kidnapping, 7 rape, 19 burglary, 6 robbery, 15 sexual assault.
He was convicted of a total of fourteen murders and the death penalty in San Quentin, California.
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