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ASCC [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 22 December 2015

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Transcript of ASCC [Shared]

Decorative Concrete Council (DCC)
Advancing Decorative Concrete Contractors through Education and Networking

Manufacturers Advisory Council (MAC)
To promote the safe growth and success of ASCC contractors by increasing productivity through innovation and education

Safety & Risk Management Council (SRMC)
To make ASCC members the safest contractors in the concrete industry
Concrete Construction, Decorative Concrete & Safety Hotlines
Free to members
Answered by industry experts
Third-party credibility
MIX (Management Information eXchange) Groups
6-10 Contractors
Different geographic areas
Meet twice a year at group members’ offices
Share important, helpful business information
Safety Program
Comprehensive Safety Manual
Safety & Insurance Bulletins
Tool Box Talks / English & Spanish
Employee Safety Orientation DVD / English & Spanish
Safety Management Plan (small contractors)
Employee Safety Handbook / English & Spanish
Position Statements
Developed by industry experts Ward Malisch and Bruce Suprenant
Cover major technical topics
Drawn from actual jobsite issues
Serve as a platform for contractors to minimize disputes
Facilitate communication among individuals responsible for specification, supervision and execution of concrete construction
Contractor Email Forum
Technical & business questions
Answered by your peers
Typically 4-6 responses
Staff filters so no antitrust issues
Concrete Executive Leadership Forum
Annual Conference
Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete Construction – FREE
Checklist for the Concrete Pre-Construction Conference – FREE
Checklist for Ordering and Scheduling Ready Mixed Concrete – FREE
Guide for Surface Finish of Concrete Slabs on Ground – Free
Construction Spanish Pocket Dictionary – FREE
Safety Publications – FREE
One Set of Position Statements – FREE
Significant discounts on numerous other publications
The Importance of Collaborating, of Belonging

What is the ASCC?
ASCC Mission
To enhance the capabilities of those who build with concrete
To provide a unified voice in the construction industry
Collaboration isn’t about being best friends, or even necessarily liking everyone you’re working with. It is about putting all

Name three products or services that you absolutely love and is integral in your life, personal or business

and any baggage aside, bringing your best self to the table, and focusing on the common goal

Education and Training
Quote from article by Paul Goodrum, Nicolas R. Petry Professor in Construction Engineering and Management at the University of Colorado
“After decades of facing periodic workforce challenges, many of today’s construction industry leaders seem to have become habituated to the idea of a looming skilled workforce cliff. With increasing concerns that imminent severe labor shortages could impact many projects-even as the industry continues its recovery from an economic downturn-the industry response is once again likely to be, “We’ll find the workers we need”, or “No shortage will exist if we pay enough.”
This Mindset is Short sighted and Does not tell the whole story – I could give you all the statistics but you already know it…… it’s bad folks. As an Industry we all must contribute to the solution. Education and Training, and I know that we have to have someone interested enough to be educated and trained and we’ll get on to that.
“Our mission is to build a safe, productive and sustainable workforce of craft professionals”
“Our vision is to be universally recognized by industry and government as the training, assessment, certification and career development standard for construction and maintenance craft professionals”
NCCER Curriculum lets you pick the individual modules you want from more than 120 NCCER
Titles, and organizes them in the order that fits your teaching approach and objectives. Your students pay only for the content you choose. It’s your course.
The training materials are off the charts! Each Training Craft area has training manuals that are set up in two books for each area one for the instructor and one for the students and these books are broken down into modules with tips, notes, self-testing at the end of each module.
Workforce Recruitment
Ok how do we get the horses to water ……….. and drink the water?
How do we get the young people and even our existing workforce n their 20’s to 40’s interested in this fantastic industry we are all a part of?
Perception: It starts right here, right now with how we look at the people who work in our industry.
Would you encourage your child to become a cement finisher? A labor?
And why not? This is not a rhetorical question.. Why not?
Are we giving enough credit to our craft workers of today?
How much different are the requirements of a labor today from 35 years ago?
We keep saying we want workers who can think, make decisions on the job, on the fly, which is critical thinking skills and then we say “As long as they have a heartbeat”, “If they can fog a mirror”. As a society this is our own fault
High Schools have for the most part done away with all Industrial Trades classes, Wood Shop, Drafting, Power Mechanics, Home Building, and on and on.
As a society we have told our children you’re not a success until you go to college and become a Doctor, Attorney, CPA, Engineer, or Professor…
What in the world were we thinking?
Let’s have an award for the best cement finisher in Kearney or Lincoln Nebraska. Let’s have a competition for the best slab on grade for FF/FL and have a grandstand that family and friends come to watch the slab being placed and finished with a good Emcee giving play by play explaining what’s going on.
Let’s celebrate success in the local community in the areas of construction.
Sound stupid?
What happened in bars all over the United States after the 1980 movie “Urban Cowboy”, and the way many men dressed after that movie? Mechanical Bulls in the Bars and everybody started wearing Cowboy Hats.
College vs Trades
College vs Trades:
Students are graduating with massive debt, especially those getting post graduate degrees & PhD's
“Trade School Might be a Better Choice Than College” Here’s Why by Trent Hamm
“Economists Say Millennials Should Consider Careers In Trades” by Chris Arnold
Sedentary lifestyle: Google these!
“Sitting is the new Smoking: Ways a Sedentary Lifestyle is Killing You” The Active Times
“The Health Hazards of Sitting” by Bonnie Berkowitz and Patterson Clark
“Sedentary Lifestyle is Dangerous to Your Health NCHPAD James H. Rimmer, Ph.D., Director
The answer to this crisis of the labor force shortage is going to require a major initiative and effort on all of us however we have SO many organizations that are willing to pony up the money for the effort. We just need to develop and show a strategy.
Hire one person working for Industry as a whole however reporting to one Association or group that begins to put together all that has been developed already, (we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, ie; Training and NCCER), and then to determine the areas that have not been addressed and what needs have to be met.
Could we have:
A Concrete Boot Camp?
Different degrees upon graduation?
A regional draft of the top candidates?
We have a responsibility to this industry and the people coming into the workforce to provide an education and direction. In the area of bringing the potential alive here is a quote from Benjamin Franklin.
Tell me and I will forget………………
Teach me and I may remember………….
Involve me and I will learn……………….
With the proven success of how Nebraska has gained major market share in concrete parking lots could you all work together and be part of the success of turning this shortage of trained craftspeople around?
Wrap Up
Thank you so much for giving me high school dropout your time and attention and now I turn this over to a man that inspired me, changed my life and my business through vision and instilling a deep motivation in me for raising the bar in all aspects for my employees.
Education, Training & Recruitment
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