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Gossip Girl

No description

ashley bales

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Mulvey's Male Gaze Ways of Looking:
1. The look of the camera 2. The look of the audience 3. The look of the characters within the audience The only look: The look of the characters is the only look visible in cinema. Usually from the male perspective Women are vulnerable and dependent on their men, as held in Gossip Girl. Scopophilia Freud's Theory of "pleasure in looking" This develops in early years of life when
we begin to fix our eyes on some things but not others. A natural human instinct Gossip girl is cut and spliced to display visual pleasure I'd show a clip, but they are all too promiscuous. Mirror Image/ Ideal I The image in the mirror is superior than
themselves The screen acts as a mirror

-Gossip Girl Characters are idolized and seen as an "ideal i"
of themselves Why wouldnt people idolize the characters? The CW already offers links to a catalog full of Gossip Girl clothing
and music that is played on the show. Magazines have "how to dress" columns featuring GG stars: Mass Produced Fantasies for Women The Ideal Woman vs. the Villainess Two types of girls: good ideal girl the bad villainess girl Escape Reading Women can escape their mundane
lives through tv shows such as Gossip Girl Gossip Girl depicts a fantasy life that women can flee to Code of Romance 1. Women need to fight to get and keep their man
2. They can never trust another woman, unless she is hideous
3. Despite this, romance and being a woman is fun xoxo
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