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Classroom Procedures

Pay attention! This is how it all works! Baggaley's classroom procedures!!

Stuart Baggaley

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Classroom Procedures

Starting the Day
1. Put your lunch stick in the entree, muncher, or home lunch cups.
2. Put your backpack, coats, hats, etc. in your locker
4. Turn in any Cat or Dog reading logs into your numbered box by the windows.
5. Start on the assignment that is on your desk.
Quieting the Class
Hand up- stop talking, stop doing
Eyes on the speaker
Signal partner quietly
Signal others quietly
Need Help?
This is how you ask...
1 finger means you have a
personal question or problem
you need to talk to Mr. Baggaley about.
2 fingers means you need to go
to the bathroom.
5 fingers, or your whole hand means you are
answering a whole class question or you want
the whole class to listen to you.
Lining up and
Walking in the
Things to know about lining up:
1. Quietly stand up and push your chair under your desk.
2. Quietly line up without talking or touching anyone.
3. Keep your hands to your sides.
4. Eyes are facing forward, looking at the person's head in
front of you.
Things to know about walking in the hallway:
1. Keep your hands down to your sides.
2. No talking in the hallway - Keep your mouth
quiet and help others to do the same.
3. Stay close to the person in front of you.
How to be Mr. Baggaley's
Looking Smart
Think Time
Getting Things Out - Putting Things Away
You take things our of your desk
quickly and quietly without talking
to anyone.
You put things away by quickly and
quietly sliding them back inside of your
desk without talking to anyone.
Ending the Day
1. Pull out your blue folder from your
desk, quickly and quietly.
2. Make sure you have your Cat and Dog reading log in the back of your folder, and any work that you did not do in class.
3. Put your calendar ONTOP of your
green folder.
4. Wait for Mr. Baggaley to sign off
your calendar.
5. Put your blue folder in your
backpack and put up your chair.
6. Wait for Mr. Baggaley to excuse
you or your whole row.
Welcome to
Back to School Night
I like to have fun with my kids
Scholastic Book Orders
About Mr. Baggaley
Parent Expectations

2nd grade is the best reading time of your child's life!
Read, Read, Read!
Please come at 3:00 Mon-Thurs to read with the kids!
During School
10am to 11am is our reading group time.
I would love to have parents come and help
with individual reading centers each school day.
All you do is help keep the kids on task as they
work on different games and activities.
At Home
I send home Saxon Phonics & Spelling each night.
I also expect the students to read at least 20
minutes and record the time on their Reading
Challenge Bookmarks.
The Challenge is a great chance for the students
to read a lot in 4th grade!
The Challenge
Read 20 minutes - Write down the date on the line - Parent initial (if you read more than 20 minutes, put today's date on more than one line).

GOAL: Read as many minutes as a class as we can!! :)

To complete a reading log, your child will have to fill out each line on the reading log and write 1 bookmark assessment.

For each completed reading log your child will get a prize. The student with the most completed reading logs at the end of the year will get a nice surprise! :)
Other Volunteer Options
I know you are all really busy. If you would
like to help, but don't have the time there is
still hope for you!
Correcting Math and Reading
Doing Special Projects
Please sign up if you are interested!
My teacher thought I was smarter than I was -
so I was.
- a seven year old
Parent - Teacher Communication
XtraMath is a web-based program that
provides excellent math fact practice.
You can access it at home - (flyers will
come home on Monday). It gives students
practice with the fact they need to know
and keeps track of all the facts they know.
This is how students will turn in their book reviews.
This is a safe blogging site that allows students
the chance to comment on other's writing and read
what their peers are reading!
Passing out papers - no talking, take one and pass the rest
Looking Smart
1. Sit up straight and tall
2. Look right at Mr. Baggaley
3. Look as SMART as you can!
(ex: hands folded on top of your
desk, smiling, nodding when you
Think Time
Every student needs time to think of the
answers to questions. This is how I give
plenty of time to all of my students:
Mr. Baggaley asks a question and puts up
his arms...
1. Think about the answer. DON'T BLURT!!!
2. Wait for Mr. Baggaley to lower his hands, asking
for the answer.
3. Give the answer as a whole class.

Mr. Baggaley will tell you when to raise your hand
to answer other, more in depth questions.
1. ALWAYS BE KIND to your Partner!!
2. Look at your partner.
3. Lean into your partner.
4. Whisper to your partner.
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