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iOS Application Testing

how we test the Prezi iOS application

Karoly Balogh

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of iOS Application Testing

Mobile App Development Before Now Java (J2ME) Small apps and games Limited set of APIs and tools Low complexity Low product priority Small teams High(er) complexity High priority Everything is networked Big(er) teams Future Mobile is the new desktop Mobile is the new web Testing is where hacking ends and engineering
starts Prezi Mobile App Story Earlier Now One man project High complexity added Lots of experimentation First releases were a disaster Continuous Integration Test Environment Big(er) team Plans You can't have enough tests Share the tests among platforms More devices Ports to more platforms More features Refactoring is safe and possible at any time Cover more areas Hammer and Nails Twist Application HTTP Test Code in Java ios-sim Unique app (GL canvas),
existing frameworks are
a no-go. fruitstrap libcat accessibilityLabels custom commands minor changes in app to support testing Continuous Integration One click test run by developers Use established Prezi tools DSL so anyone can write tests Pro: you can drive the app by a browser (or curl from command line) Con: stateless protocol (Because I'm lazy as hell) Design Targets Still, lots of projects out there, with lots of useful tools feat. AppleScript Demo Time! Viktor Belényesi Péter "P6" Vajda Károly Balogh charlie@amigaspirit.hu feat. @chainq iOS Application Testing Everything is new http://github.com/chainq/fruitstrap brew install ios-sim https://github.com/wookay/libcat
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