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Welcome to the Go Green Warehouse

How we got here, where we're going next

Linda Lidov

on 26 March 2011

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Transcript of Welcome to the Go Green Warehouse

This is where we were just a few short months ago... Look how far we've come! We're a
nonprofit we rely on
outside funding MONEY'S HARD
TO COME BY! Urban forestry we need
$$$ to
keep our
running home weatherization services The Go Green Warehouse helps secure our
long-term future how we've done it staff dedication .... and getting good
stuff donated financial health job creation / job stability community volunteers we need more help! Do you have some
stuff to donate? We'll come pick it up! will you tell your friends, family and neighbors? we'll give you some fliers! Will you help spread
the word? Visit us! land conservation program sustainability sponsorships Get ready for a
Spring 2011
grand opening ...to fill our shelves
and line the aisles Discount prices - up to 75% off retail Keeping usable materials out of the landfill Helping military veterans before... pursuit of
our mission after... Our promise to customers during... $$$ INCOME GOES INTO PROGRAMS $$$ We thank all of our sponsors and donors for their support Let's take a
quick tour... Canady
construction will you volunteer? This could be you --> do you have cash to spare? every little bit helps... $$$ the warehouse will also feature an energy efficiency education center - "The House" energy
tips money
tips Photo courtesy:
Intermountain Weatherization Training Center www.veteransgreenjobs.org/warehouse
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