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Lucy and Timeline

No description

Sami Bichir

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Lucy and Timeline

Sponge: What are the 4 parts of the brain and where are they located?

Learning Target: I understand what the term biological evolution means.

Closing Task: I can explain why biological events usually occur after geological events.

Corpus Collusum
Change in species over time.
Read Lucy page 36-37
Formation of Earth 4.6 BYA

(BYA = billion of years ago)

Fossils - the remains or evidence of any creature or plant that once lived on the Earth

Bipedal – Moving up on two feet

Hominid – erect walking primates

Primate - A mammal of the order Primates characterized by refined development of the hands and feet, a shortened snout, and a large brain.

Terms to Know
First Life: Bacteria 3.5 BYA
Over a billion years pass from when
Earth forms to first organism.

Prokaryote = a cell without a nucleus or membrane bound organelles.
Life began very simple
Were single celled = only 1 cell
First Eukaryotes: 2.7 BYA
Over a billion years pass before organisms become multicellular.
Many are unicellular or
have only 1 cell
Eukaryotes = A cell that has a nucleus and membrane bound organelles.
Usually multicellular or have more than 1 cell
Life becomes more complex
Oxygen levels in atmosphere rises
2.4 BYA
Multicellular organism appear 2.1 BYA
(Higher oxygen levels allow for this evolution.)
First Vertebrates (Have spinal cords) 500 MYA
MYA = Million Years ago.
Over 1.5 billion years pass before organisms evolved to have spinal cords and become more complex.
First land Plant 430 MYA
This allows for more
oxygen to be produced
which helps animals to
be able to survive out
of water
First Land Animals 400 MYA

Dinosaurs appear 215 MYA
Dinosaur Extinction 65 MYA
First Primates 55 MYA
Could survive in colder
climate due to body hair
First Hominids 6.5 MYA
Lucy 3.2 MYA
Neanderthal 100,000 years ago
Modern Humans 35,000 years ago
Lucy's Importance
Lucy has similar knee joints, femur bones, and pelvic bones which means she walked upright on two legs.
Difference between modern humans was her shortened height and much smaller brain.
Human Evolution Timeline
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